Dyson CSYS LED Floor Lamp | Well Designed And Built To Last

As someone who enjoys an evening sitting on the couch and reading a magazine cover to cover, I have always wanted a nice floor lamp to enhance the experience by providing adequate illumination. Up until now, I’ve never really been able to find one to do the job. There are way too many ugly lamps out there; some are nice but not so good functionally, in that they are either hard to manoeuvre or do not provide sufficient brightness. Enter the Dyson CSYS LED Floor Lamp.

The Dyson CSYS LED Floor Lamp is elegant and minimalistic – almost skeletal consisting of just a base, beam and an arm. Its design is all in the detail. The thin yet solid base provides stability, a sturdy beam supports the arm and allows it to slide up and down effortlessly with the help of a counter-weight on a pulley system. The arm extends and retracts with a smooth gliding motion through a dual-axis mechanism made up of 3 strategically placed rubber wheels for each axis. Dyson CSYS LED Lamp Dyson CSYS LED Lamp Dyson CSYS LED Lamp

The lamp emits a pleasant warm light through 8 high-power LEDs. Each is housed and slightly sunken in a conical reflector to reduce glare. The touch-sensitive light switch also acts as a dimmer, allowing you to control the brightness of the light with a single tap-and-hold while its built-in memory recalls your most recent setting.

The genius behind this lamp’s design is not only in its ease of use but the consideration of the lighting technology. LED lights get damaged and lose their lustre when exposed to heat but this isn’t the case here. Jake Dyson designed a cooling system by running a copper pipe along the arm and storing a single drop of water inside the pipe. When the LEDs get hot from usage, the drop of water evaporates and travels to the other side of the tube, carrying the heat away with it. The result is that the LEDs don’t deteriorate from prolonged heat exposure. This sophisticated yet simple mechanism helps maximise the LEDs lifespan to a projected 37 years. This is an amazing feat in eco-friendly design as using LEDs are more energy efficient than halogen bulbs, they don’t contain mercury, and can now last half a person’s lifetime.Dyson CSYS LED Lamp Dyson CSYS LED Lamp Dyson CSYS LED Lamp Dyson CSYS LED Lamp

The Dyson CSYS LED Floor Lamp is an achievement of thoughtful design and engineering. Not only does it excel in functionality, but it also makes a great addition to any space with its refined minimalism that complements almost any surrounding. Given its projected lifetime, the Dyson CSYS LED Floor Lamp is both economical and environmentally-friendly. It’s great to see a brand delivering on quality and longevity, traits that are often missing in products today. The floor lamp is available in 2 colours – silver or black.

Check out dyson.com.au for more information.

Images taken with Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II.

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