Converse The Throwback | Exploring The Streets Of LA
Converse The Throwback | Exploring The Streets Of LA

Exploring The Streets Of LA With Converse In The Throwback

Earlier this month, Converse took us to the streets of New York to celebrate their iconic Chuck Taylor All Stars. The 80s inspired shoot depicted how the timeless sneakers worked just as well 30 years ago as they do now. The shoot, called The Beginning, was the first part of the brand’s new Forever Chuck series. This week, they’re taking us even further back, with The Throwback. The look book for the second part of the four-part series is set in 70s LA, where the Chucks were worn just as prominently.

Converse The Throwback | Exploring The Streets Of LA Converse The Throwback | Exploring The Streets Of LA

The 70s saw the re-crafting of some important elements of the Chuck Taylor All Stars. Though the shoe’s look remained largely the same as when they were first created in 1917, its construction changed slightly. This included such things as a heavier canvas for the outer, higher rubber siding, better cushioning for more comfort, and different stitch detailing. Converse re-created the 70s iteration of the sneaker with the Chuck Taylor All Star ’70. It features all the elements that made the vintage style so popular but with modern details. An Ortholite footbed provides extra cushioning for more comfortable wear, while the 12 oz. 100% cotton canvas upper delivers added durability.

Converse The Throwback | Exploring The Streets Of LAConverse The Throwback | Exploring The Streets Of LA

The Throwback look book itself is an interesting and fun exploration of style in decades past but with a fresh twist. There are flares, sweatshirts, bright colours, and of course Chuck Taylor All Stars aplenty. When all these elements come together it’s easy to see how much of a throwback they are, but at the same time, you can definitely see the styles working in the present too. It’s a testament to the Chucks in particular, whose pioneering design seems to be able to transcend time.

The Throwback is the latest part of the Converse Forever Chuck series. Next week we discover The Sequel, and how the seminal style has been keeping it fresh for a more modern era.

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