Well-Designed Office Essentials | Back To Work
Well-Designed Office Essentials | Back To Work

Back To Work | Well-Designed Essentials

While we’re sad to see the end of our summer break, it’s always great to get back into things and pick up some new gear for work. Deck out your desk with some sleek accessories or keep your carry smart, and you’ll look forward to heading to the office every day. Check out our round-up of well-designed office essentials that’ll help you get back into the swing of things at work…


Hentley – Bagan Slim Leather Bifold WalletWell-Designed Office Essentials | Back To Work

For those who carry a number of cards but still want the convenience that a slim wallet offers, Hentley’s Bagan is ideal. The kangaroo leather wallet can hold up to 15 cards while retaining its slim shape, plus has room for cash too. Furthermore, its simple bifold design gives it a sleek, classic, and timeless look.

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Incase – City 15″ Laptop BriefWell-Designed Office Essentials | Back To Work

If you carry a decent amount of stuff to work, but not enough to warrant an entire backpack or messenger bag, the Incase City 15″ Laptop Brief is a good alternative. As its name suggests, it can comfortably hold a 15″ laptop, but it also has ample storage for other items like documents, a tablet, wallet, phone, keys, and more. The well-designed bag has carry handles that you can hide when not in use, as well as a detachable padded shoulder strap.

Buy: Rushfaster


Bellroy – Notebook CoverWell-Designed Office Essentials | Back To Work

A nice way to keep your notebook protected as well as looking sharp all the time, Bellroy’s leather notebook cover is great for the office. Made from a premium, environmentally friendly leather, the cover will endure through endless pages of thoughts and sketches. The functional product can hold a small notebook plus has enough space for a few cards and a pen too.

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Orbitkey – Leather Key OrganiserWell-Designed Office Essentials | Back To Work

The Orbitkey Leather Key Organiser is a great tool to use to keep your keys in check. It ensures they’re kept safely, plus you can keep it in your pocket without the incessant jangling and bulging that having a regular bunch of keys entails. The organiser can hold between three and seven standard keys. Its soft leather construction means you can keep it in your bag or pocket and it won’t scratch or damage the fabric too.

Buy: Rushfaster


Bose – QC35 HeadphonesWell-Designed Office Essentials | Back To Work

Use them for the commute or to let everyone in your office know you need to focus. Either way, a good pair of headphones are an essential. The Bose QC35 headphones are a good choice as they deliver stellar noise cancellation, high sound quality, and wireless play. They feel comfortable on your ears and as a bonus, fold up compactly to allow for easy travel too.

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JD.Lee Furniture – Timber Plant StandWell-Designed Office Essentials | Back To Work

Adding a touch of greenery to your workspace not only makes it look lively and fresh, but it could also aid your productivity. Studies have shown that indoor plants in offices can result in happier and more focused workers. The JD.Lee Furniture Timber Plant Stand is a great way to introduce a new plant to your space. Its simple, understated design will work well in any office, plus the smaller iteration is perfect to keep on your desk.

Buy: JD.Lee Furniture


Dyson – CSYS Task LightWell-Designed Office Essentials | Back To Work

The Dyson CSYS Task Light is a sleek and functional desk addition. If you tend to stay in your office well after the sun has gone down, or you simply have a job that requires meticulous attention to detail and precision, this is the lamp for you. It delivers very focused light exactly where you need it, without swaying from where you place it. It can also provide a wider pool of illumination if that’s what you need too, all with Dyson’s signature technological innovations.

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Bosign – Hideaway Cable OrganiserWell-Designed Office Essentials | Back To Work

With all the different cables, chargers, and cords we find ourselves surrounded by every day, our workspaces can end up becoming pretty messy. The Bosign Hideaway Cable Organiser is a good idea if you want your space to look orderly and clean. Available in a few different sizes and with functional features aplenty, the organiser is an essential if you hate the look of unruly cables everywhere.

Buy: Rushfaster


Pacific & West – Brass & Walnut NotebookWell-Designed Office Essentials | Back To Work

Pacific & West’s unique notebook is a good choice if you prefer to write your notes with pen and paper instead of with keys and a screen. It features a beautiful walnut front and back cover, bound with elegant brass rings. Being re-fillable means it’s less wasteful and you can keep it for many years to come, without needing to repurchase a new one constantly.

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Grovemade – Monitor StandWell-Designed Office Essentials | Back To Work

Elevate your workspace – both figuratively and literally – with a Grovemade Monitor Stand. Part of their beautiful wooden desk collections, the stand is available in either walnut or maple. A nice addition to your desk, the stand helps to bring your monitor up to eye level, which is best for your posture. Furthermore, it adds more space to your desk as you can store things underneath it too. It looks great by itself or with its accompanying keyboard and mouse accessories.

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Frank Green – SmartCupWell-Designed Office Essentials | Back To Work

Don’t let your coffee addiction be cause for concern to the environment. Try a Frank Green SmartCup instead. Made from BPA-free materials, it’s the perfect sustainable option for your caffeine habit. A non-slip grip allows you to hold your hot drink from the get go without singeing your fingers, plus its screw down lid keeps it secure. Easy to clean and with a sleek look, the SmartCup is one of our favourite well-designed office essentials.

Buy: Rushfaster

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