Introducing The Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade | Hair Styling Made Easy

Uppercut Deluxe Introduces Their New Matt Pomade

Adding to their extensive range of men’s hair styling products, Uppercut Deluxe has just released the Matt Pomade. If you’ve used anything the brand has made before, you already know that this new stuff is going to be game changing. The Matt Pomade offers a medium hold with a shine-free finish. It allows you to achieve a number of styles; whether you prefer a more sleek, combed back look or you’re more the textured, gritty kind of a guy, the Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade has you covered.

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Introducing The Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade | Hair Styling Made Easy

Being water-based means you can re-style your locks throughout the day and the product won’t get flaky, as some other products tend to. It’s also water soluble so it can be washed out easily. In terms of Uppercut Deluxe’s other pomades, the Matt Pomade sits somewhere between their classic Deluxe Pomade and the Featherweight Pomade. Where those ones are great if you like to stick with the one look or have a specific hair type, the latest product delivers versatility and more choice. It works for a range of different hair types and lengths too.

Introducing The Uppercut Deluxe Matt Pomade | Hair Styling Made Easy

Feedback received from barbers who have been using the Matt Pomade on their clients has been resoundingly positive. The consensus seems to be that Uppercut Deluxe has created a truly versatile and useful product that delivers exactly what it promises. If you need more convincing, check out five barbers from around the world discussing how to use the product and the different looks that can be achieved with it.

Uppercut Deluxe’s aesthetic is informed by the brand’s love of vintage barbershops and men’s style. The fact that their products are created by barbers speaks volumes to their quality and functionality. Left dissatisfied by what they were using in their salons, founders Luke Newman and Steve Purcell set about creating their own; products that were actually effective and that their clients wanted to use. The brand’s range has since expanded from a single pomade to a whole collection of styling tools, hair cleansing products, and shaving gear. The new Matt Pomade is the latest addition to the Uppercut Deluxe range.

Exclusive Offer: Use the code ‘HEYGENTS20’ for 20% off at uppercutdeluxe.com until 19th December.

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