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Further simplifying something that’s already quite minimal is no easy feat, yet Australian brand Volo has managed to do it with their wallet design. Back in 1998, before minimalist wallets were even a big thing, they launched the Non-Wallet. Constructed from leather and with a tri-fold design with space for cards and notes, the Non-Wallet was a welcome change from the traditional, bulky style that dominated at the time. Its look was complete with an elastic strap that secured it shut. Fast forward to the present and Volo is back at it with the Non-Wallet II.

A New Leather Tri-Fold Minimalist Wallet | Volo Non-Wallet IIA New Leather Tri-Fold Minimalist Wallet | Volo Non-Wallet II

In a world that’s now inundated with minimalist wallets of varying designs and capabilities, Volo has still managed to craft a product that’s entirely unique. The brand took their first design back to the drawing board and came back with something even more simplified. The Non-Wallet II has shed itself of the elastic strap, cash is now easier to store, and it features a magnetic closure. It still features the tri-fold design, which allows you to store your notes without folding them. This is something that you commonly have to do with slim wallets, but the Non-Wallet II’s leather panels safely secure non-folded notes. A leather pull-tab allows easy access to the wallet’s card slot, which can fit up to 10 cards. The tri-fold design also ensures the product retains a slim profile, even when it’s at max capacity.

A New Leather Tri-Fold Minimalist Wallet | Volo Non-Wallet II

A high-quality, soft leather construction gives Volo’s tri-fold minimalist wallet a very raw look. It’s ideal if you don’t love the idea of a super polished and excessively designed product. Further bucking the trend of traditional styles, the wallet comes in a pretty extensive range of colours, including a unique pale blue shade. Currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter, the wallet has already exceeded it’s funding goal.

Check out the Volo Non-Wallet II on Kickstarter