The Monthly Beer Digest: Prickly Moses ChainSAW Review
The Monthly Beer Digest: Prickly Moses ChainSAW Review

Monthly Beer Digest: Prickly Moses ChainSAW Cleansing Australian Ale

Now, if you’ve been following The Monthly Beer Digest you’ll remember that we reviewed the Beer Day’s Father’s Day Box. Prickly Moses were one of the contributors to that beer box and they left such a great taste in the mouth that we had to come back for more. Not to mention the feature beer today, the Prickly Moses ChainSAW, took home a bronze medal at the Australian International Beer Awards in 2015. 

I’ll quickly give you some back story on the brewery. Prickly Moses is the beer brewing leg of the Otway Estate winery which is located in the Otways (a national park region at the southern tip of Victoria).

In addition to location, where Prickly Moses really differs from other breweries is in their consciousness of the environment. They’ve implemented a series of green initiatives at the brewery to minimise their foot print. Firstly, every beer is infused with pure rainwater captured from the Otway’s rainforest (more on this later). Secondly, they supplement the use of grid electricity with solar electricity. Thirdly, they donate their spent grain to local farmers who use it as food for their animals.

In short, they’re the good blokes of the craft brewing world.

The Monthly Beer Digest: Prickly Moses ChainSAW Review

The Taste

Like all Otway beers, what immediately stood out to me was the purity or cleanness of the ChainSAW Cleansing Australian Ale. I know that there is a little thing called marketing that exists but there’s also a scientific equation at play here. Pure rain water + pure ingredients = pure beer. 

The ChainSAW’s bottled freshness has undertones of honey thanks to the usage of malted wheat. Also thanks to the malted wheat is the beer’s great golden straw colouring. There is a tiny bit of bitterness, however it’s very subtle and if you like beer then at some level you like bitter flavors.

The Monthly Beer Digest: Prickly Moses ChainSAW Review

The Verdict

Light and smooth, the ChainSAW is remarkable for its crisp simplicity. It’s kind of like the fresh white t-shirt of the beer world. Super clean and great for any occasion. Where the beer drastically differs from a white t-shirt, is that you can actually drink the ChainSAW, which you should do immediately because it’s very drinkable.

They call the beer a cleansing ale which is spot on because that’s exactly what this beer is – cleansing. Well named chaps, well named.

Vibing: Summer is back. You’re wearing shorts, you’re with your partner and you’re in some form of outdoor setting. Hello summer break.

Eating: It’s such a subtle, complementary flavor that you can basically drink it with anything. I’m going to throw a homemade lamb wrap out there. Vietnamese food gets an honorable mention.

Listening: Maggie Rogers – Alaska

Buy: Dan Murphy’s

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