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A good bottle of something special nearly always makes a good gift, especially when you’ve left your Christmas shopping until the last minute. It’s an easy one to pick up when you’re on your way to a party and doesn’t require too much thought to get right either. That being said, you definitely don’t just want to grab the first bottle of wine or whisky you see, so we’ve found some of the most gift-worthy wines, beers, and spirits to buy this year…


Capital Brewing Co. – Coast AleGift-Worthy Wines, Beers, & Spirits

Capital Brewing Co. was launched last year by a team that brings together some of the best names in Australia’s hospitality, coffee, and style scene. Using fresh hops grown locally and with the guidance and skills of their Head Brewer, Wade Hurley, the brewery created the Coast Ale. Light in taste and very sessionable, Coast Ale is ideal for Christmas.

Buy: Dan Murphy’s


Bombay Sapphire – Star Of Bombay London GinGift-Worthy Wines, Beers, & Spirits

Bombay Sapphire has elevated their iconic gin with the premium Star Of Bombay London Gin. Taking their stellar original formulation, they’ve added gently dried Bergamot orange peel for a nice hint of citrus, as well as ambrette seeds from tropical yellow hibiscus flowers for further dimension. It’s an award-winning bottle – and for good reason.

Buy: Dan Murphy’s


Mum’s Block – Barossa Valley Shiraz 2012

Gift-Worthy Wines, Beers, & Spirits

This award-winning shiraz by Mum’s Block features notes of dark chocolate and ripe black plums. It’s complex and deep flavour makes it a great one to drink with a Christmas roast. The Barossa Valley Shiraz 2012 is a rare and exclusive wine, which makes it all the more gift-worthy.

Buy: Cellarmasters 


Bollinger – Special CuvéeGift-Worthy Wines, Beers, & Spirits

Christmas is a time of celebration and appreciation, so when better to bring out the champagne. The distinctive taste of Bollinger’s Special Cuvée gives it a unique edge, thanks to the amount of Pinot Noir it contains. It’s the perfect special occasion bottle to gift this year.

Buy: Dan Murphy’s


Olmeca – Altos Tequila PlataGift-Worthy Wines, Beers, & Spirits

For the tequila fans who drink it for the taste, Olmeca Altos Tequila Plata is ideal. It’s made from 100% blue agave that’s grown in Los Altos highlands in Mexico. The agave gives it a herbal and slightly citric and sweet taste. It works well either by itself or mixed into cocktails too.

Buy: My Bottle Shop


Old Jarvie – The SaviourGift-Worthy Wines, Beers, & Spirits

Old Jarvie’s Spanish style wine features an earthy, fruity taste with a hint of spice. Best served in a big glass to reveal its full flavour, it’s a fun one to have at Christmas time. The Saviour works nicely when paired with some light food too. The interesting artwork on the bottle adds a unique touch that makes it all the more gift-worthy.

Buy: Hither & Yon


Johnnie Walker – Blender’s Batch Red Rye FinishGift-Worthy Wines, Beers, & Spirits

Know someone who loves whisky, but want to get them something new and different this year? Go for the Johnnie Walker Blender’s Batch Red Rye Finish. Made as part of the brand’s new Blender’s Batch range that seeks to craft a series of ‘experimental’ whiskies, the Red Rye Finish is made with an influence of bourbon and rye whiskey flavours on Scotch.

Buy: Dan Murphy’s


Aperol – ApertivoGift-Worthy Wines, Beers, & Spirits

You can’t look past Aperol when you want something light and summery to get you in the mood for Christmas lunch. Combining orange peel and rhubarb with high-quality herbs and roots, the Apertivo works best when mixed with some soda or served simply on the rocks.

Buy: Dan Murphy’s


Penfolds – Max’s ChardonnayGift-Worthy Wines, Beers, & Spirits

Made as a tribute to Max Schubert, the Chief Winemaker for Penfolds between 1948 and 1975 and arguably their most influential, Max’s Chardonnay is a delectable drink. With a fruity and slightly spicy flavour, the award-winning bottle is a good one to have on hand.

Buy: Dan Murphy’s


Feral Brewing Company – Hop HogGift-Worthy Wines, Beers, & Spirits

If you’re after a beer that’s unique, interesting, and delicious, Feral Brewing Company’s Hop Hog is a great choice. Although its style doesn’t fit into any one category, many have tried to define it, and the closest they get is by suggesting it’s somewhere between an IPA, American Pale Ale, and American Strong Ale. Whatever its style, there’s no doubting the Hop Hog is a gift-worthy beer.

Buy: Dan Murphy’s


Veuve Cliquot – Brut Yellow LabelGift-Worthy Wines, Beers, & Spirits

An undoubtedly gift-worthy champagne, Veuve Clicquot’s Brut Yellow Label is so highly revered for a reason. It features flavours of buttered toast and brioche that nicely complement fresh seafood – ideal for Australian Christmas lunches. The iconic champagne is fresh and light, and will make for much-appreciated gift this Christmas.

Buy: Dan Murphy’s


Laphroaig – Select Cask WhiskyGift-Worthy Wines, Beers, & Spirits

The Laphroaig Select Cask Whisky is a nice entry-level option for those who want to start getting into whisky. It features a distinctive American influence – the result of a research trip to bourbon country in the 70s and 80s by distillery owner, Ian Hunter. With a nice smokey flavour that has a touch of Marzipan and limes, the Select Cask is a great way to be welcomed to the world of single malt Scotch whisky.

Buy: Dan Murphy’s


Hendrick’s – GinGift-Worthy Wines, Beers, & Spirits

Hendrick’s iconic gin is a great one to have on hand when the mood for a classic G&T strikes. It features an inoffensive clean taste of cucumber and rose petals that’ll ensure it’ll be appreciated by everyone. Furthermore, it’s sleek black bottle was made to be shown off and out on display.

Buy: Dan Murphy’s