American Express Pay your way
American Express Pay your way

Getting Set Up In Your Space In The New Year

Every new year brings with it a feeling of optimism and promise. Turning to page one of a fresh new diary or calendar represents a new beginning. It’s a great time to refresh the spaces you spend most of your time in, like your home or office, and to make them inspiring places that you enjoy being in. Doing this might mean having to drop cash on some big ticket items, though. Buying things like new furniture or a computer is undoubtedly a big decision, no matter how much you want them. There are manageable ways to do it though and the benefits of having new gear to take you into 2017 can be priceless. Below we’ve explored some ways you can set up your space for a more productive and inspiring year.

American Express Pay your way

Setting Up Your Desk

American Express Pay your wayWhether you’re starting a brand new venture in 2017 or continuing to carve out the path you’re on, you’ll want this year to be your best yet. One way to do this is with better productivity. Having the right tools for the job is invaluable, and may mean buying some new equipment that will help you on your way this year. Similarly, great work requires an inspiring work space, so when you’re in the process of setting yours up, it’s important to get it right from the start. That means not skimping on the essentials or the accessories that liven it up. A new computer and ergonomic office chair are a couple of important items that would likely sit pretty high on your list, however the price tags that accompany these products may be difficult to say yes to straight away. Instead of waiting months to save up for the gear you need, or being hit by credit card interest charges, there are some other options you can look into to ensure you have everything you need from the get go.

American Express Pay your wayBeing able to break down the payments of large purchases into small chunks makes things a lot more manageable. American Express has just introduced an innovative new concept called Pay Your Way, which allows you to do just that – with 0% interest. It works by choosing an instalment plan of either $300, $500, 0r $1,000 and then opting to pay off purchases over either 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months. So, if you buy an iMac for around $2,800 and pay it off over 12 months, the repayments would work out to be around $243 a month, including a nominal establishment fee. Similarly, a $900 office chair would only be around $155 per month over 6 months.

Not having to pay interest on top of those repayments makes life much easier. This is especially true if you have a lot of other payments to manage, like rent and bills too. Budgeting is made far simpler and paying off your purchases doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

American Express Pay your wayAmerican Express Pay your way

Setting Up Your Home

American Express Pay your wayThe potential that comes with moving into a new place or breathing new life into your current home is exciting. It’s a chance to have a blank slate and start all over again with new homewares, furniture, and tech. Usually though, it means there’s a lot of money taken out of your bank account in one go. Either that or you pop purchases on your credit card and then get stuck paying interest when you can’t pay everything off by the due date. Big ticket items like new furniture or a TV can go a long way in changing the vibe of your place but again, the decision to purchase them often takes quite a bit of deliberation.

Using Pay Your Way can make the purchases much less stressful. Since you know exactly how much your monthly repayments will be, it becomes easier to budget and plan. You can deck out your living room with a new armchair and TV in a very manageable way. If they cost a grand or more, you could choose a $1,000 plan over a period of 12 months for lower monthly repayments, all while kicking back with your new items straight away.

American Express Pay your wayInstalment plans appear on your regular credit card statement, separate to your other transactions. This makes it simple to see how much there is remaining to pay on your plans, plus it ensures nothing gets mixed up with your other credit card transactions.


American Express Pay your wayAmerican Express Pay your way American Express Pay your way

A few key purchases can be super important in shaping how your year turns out. While their costs might initially seem prohibitive, there are certainly options out there that make them achievable. Pay Your Way is an Australian-first initiative by American Express that allows for greater flexibility when it comes to big purchases. What’s better is you can still reap all the normal reward points and benefits that come with an American Express Credit Card at the same time. For more info, go to americanexpress.com.

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