Cool Furniture And Homewares To Freshen Up Your Place
Cool Furniture And Homewares To Freshen Up Your Place

Interior Refresh | Furniture & Homewares To Freshen Up Your Place

We all need a bit of a refresh once in a while; a weekend away or a day spent doing nothing but laying on the couch watching Netflix. Same goes for our homes. When you keep the decor the same for too long, it starts to get boring, stale, and not the kind of space you look forward to being in every day. Refreshing your place doesn’t have to mean a big renovation or painting the walls. It can be as simple as a new piece of furniture or changing up some homewares. Check out some cool furniture and homewares to freshen up your place…


The Good Sheet – Standard Bed SetCool Furniture And Homewares To Freshen Up Your Place

A bedroom refresh often needs little more than some new bedding. Mixing it up with new colours or even different fabrics can make a big difference. The Good Sheet’s Standard Bed Set is a nice choice if you’re after something new. Their bedding is made from 100% long-staple Egyptian Cotton that gets softer over time, plus it has a nice matte finish.

Buy: The Good Sheet


Domus Botanica x Rich Ceramics – Handmade Ceramic Stack PlanterCool Furniture And Homewares To Freshen Up Your Place

There’s nothing fresher than a new plant breathing life into your place. House your greenery in something unique and interesting like the handmade ceramic pots by Domus Botanica x Rich Ceramics. Inspired by the simplicity of Japanese and Scandinavian designs, these planters look great grouped together or on their own. If you keep a few next to each other, a little plant stand for one is a nice way of adding dimension to the overall look.

Buy: Domus Botanica


JD.Lee Furniture – Finley SofaCool Furniture And Homewares To Freshen Up Your Place

JD.Lee Furniture’s Finley Sofa works well in any space, with a unique look that’s sure to mix things up in your place. Made from sustainably sourced materials and with superior craftsmanship, the sofa is built to last. Available in one, two, or three seater options and with a comfortable cushion upholstered in a cotton linen blend, the piece is a great addition to a home.

Buy: JD.Lee Furniture


In The Sac – Bath TowelCool Furniture And Homewares To Freshen Up Your Place

Known for their luxurious take on humble linen bed sheets, In The Sac has recently expanded their offering into a bath range too. It’s a great excuse to throw out your ratty old towels and stock up on some high-quality linen ones instead. The brand’s bath towel is made from jacquard linen, which is super soft and highly absorbent. Plus, their refined and minimalist aesthetic will look awesome in your bathroom.

Buy: In The Sac


Armadillo & Co. – Nest Weave RugCool Furniture And Homewares To Freshen Up Your Place

Adding a new rug is an easy way to change the feel of a room. The Armadillo & Co. Nest Weave Rug is made from hemp and has a very natural look. Threads are hand-sewn to finish it, which allows for clean lines and makes for a nice, modern piece.

Buy: Hunting For George


Miss Glass Home – Clothes Airer #3Cool Furniture And Homewares To Freshen Up Your Place

A stylish way of drying your clothes or keeping outfits on hand ready to be worn, the Clothes Airer #3 by Miss Glass Home will be a sleek addition to your place. Keeping one in your room means you no longer have to leave clothes slumped over a chair or in a messy pile in the corner. The piece is made from solid Beech and ideal for both large and small garments.

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Aspar – Aurora Spa CandleCool Furniture And Homewares To Freshen Up Your Place

Doing something as easy as lighting a new candle can be enough to freshen up your place. We like the Aspar Aurora Spa Candles, which are made from natural soy and coconut wax  and individually hand poured. Their simple jars also make for nice decorative pieces, with a glass body and timber lid to complete the minimalist look.

Buy: Aspar


Menu – On The Edge LampCool Furniture And Homewares To Freshen Up Your Place

Menu always produce innovative and sleek products, and their On The Edge Lamp is no exception. The lightweight lamp is designed to be moved around and can sit on any flat surface or the floor. It provides the perfect ambient lighting and can be used to illuminate a dark corner or to indirectly light up a space. Made from a light grey ceramic, the lamp has a refined style and won’t look obtrusive, no matter where it’s placed.

Buy: The Minimalist


Nodi – Linen & Felted Wool CushionCool Furniture And Homewares To Freshen Up Your Place

Cushions are useful for not only keeping you comfortable when you’re in bed or on a sofa, but they add depth and dimension to the look of furniture too. They’re also a really easy way to make an old sofa look new and fresh. Nodi’s cushions have a timeless quality to them, and with a wool and linen construction, they’re quite distinctive too.

Buy: Hunting For George


Bloomingville – Sandrine PlateCool Furniture And Homewares To Freshen Up Your Place

Don’t forget your kitchen or dining room when you’re freshening up your place. Even if you’re not changing up your recipe repertoire, mixing up the stuff you serve your food on is enough. The Sandrine Plate by Bloomingville is a great way to do this, and any dish placed upon it will look straight out of a nice restaurant.

Buy: Designstuff


IN BED – Linen PlacematCool Furniture And Homewares To Freshen Up Your Place

Used for both functional and aesthetic purposes, placemats are an essential. Mixing them up every so often will give your dining table a fresh look each time. The IN BED Linen Placemats are a nice option as they’re made from the offcuts of the brand’s pure linen bedding and kitchen products. The re-purposing of the offcuts allows the brand to practice more sustainable manufacturing, making you feel good every time you use them too.

Buy: In Bed Store

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