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Living in Australia means many great things, but one of the downsides is missing out when international online stores don’t ship to us. However! Thanks to Australia Post’s ShopMate service, we’re able to purchase items from the US that only deliver locally.

Australia Post ShopMate | A Whole New World Of Online Shopping

Having had our eye on some handmade leather camera straps from an Etsy store which only ships within the US, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to try out ShopMate to see how it works. After signing up for an AusPost account and registering with ShopMate, we were given a US address to use as the delivery address when checking out. We received an e-mail as soon as our package arrived at the Australia Post ShopMate warehouse in Portland, Oregon. After declaring the package and paying the shipping cost to get it to Australia, our new camera straps were on their way. We had our package delivered to our office within about a week, where a signature was required for additional security. However, you can also nominate to get your package sent to an Australia Post Parcel Locker, which makes it super convenient to pick up after hours if needed.

Australia Post ShopMate | A Whole New World Of Online Shopping

It was already awesome being able to buy stuff from the US, but using ShopMate itself was a great experience. Communication throughout the whole process was stellar, having received plenty of updates about the delivery along the way. Tracking information was also provided and was easy to check on. This made us feel a lot more confident in the service as we were always aware of where our new purchase was. Furthermore, it’s reassuring that ShopMate is an Australia Post service so you know everything is legit.

Australia Post ShopMate | A Whole New World Of Online Shopping

We spend a lot of time online looking for cool gear to feature on the site, and to see something we really like and then discovering it’s only available to deliver within the US is a common disappointment. But it’s really exciting knowing we have the option to buy stuff from our favourite American stores.

Go to shopmate.auspost.com.au for more info on Australia Post ShopMate.

This article was written in collaboration with Australia Post.