Sleek Bikes For Summer Rides
Sleek Bikes For Summer Rides

Sleek Bikes For Summer Rides

There’s nothing nicer in summer than heading outside to enjoy the weather. Taking in the fresh air as you cruise around on your bike is a super satisfying experience. Whether you plan on using the season as an excuse to start riding to work, or you just want something to hop on to go to the cafe down the road, we’ve found some of the sleekest bikes for summer rides…


Lekker – Amsterdam Elite NuVinciSleek Bikes For Summer Rides

Lekker was created by a Dutch expat in Australia who was on the hunt for a bike as high-quality as the ones he had back home in the Netherlands. And who better than the Dutch to craft a stellar commuter bike? It’s basically in their blood. The Amsterdam Elite NuVinci features a lightweight aluminium frame with rust-free components. This, along with its premium belt drive system, makes it a super smooth ride.

Buy: Lekker


Papillionaire – Cafe RacerSleek Bikes For Summer Rides

Crafted from a powder coated chromoly steel, the Papillionaire Cafe Racer is a bike sleek in looks and function. With light tyres and a customised gear ratio, this is a bike designed for speed. Available in multiple colours and with a leather saddle and grips, the Cafe Racer also has a cool, vintage aesthetic.

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State Bicycle Co. – Montecore 2.0Sleek Bikes For Summer Rides

It doesn’t get much sleeker than a shiny, chrome-plated frame. The Montecore 2.0 by State Bicycle Co. is an attractive option, with white accents to round out the look. Entirely customisable, with three choices of handlebars and a flip-flop hub, this bike is a great option for easy rides this summer.

Buy: State Bicycle Co.


Schwinn – Cutter Single SpeedSleek Bikes For Summer Rides

With over 100 years of experience in the bicycling industry, Schwinn knows a thing or two about creating a quality ride. Their Cutter Single Speed is ideal for simple city journeys, with a steel construction and Thick Slick tyres. The simple black frame gives it a timeless look, seeing you through many rides throughout summer and beyond.

Buy: 99 Bikes


Tokyo Bike – CSSleek Bikes For Summer Rides

Lightweight, comfortable, and with a vintage aesthetic, the Tokyobike CS is an excellent choice of bike. It’s eight speeds and upright seating position makes it ideal for both commuting and relaxing rides. Furthermore, the bike is available in a range of unique colours to match your personal taste.

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Chappelli – Vintage Three SpeedSleek Bikes For Summer Rides

A highly stylish ride, Chappelli’s Vintage Three Speed is a nice choice that offers versatility in its ride. The vintage-look bike features internal hubs that don’t ‘throw’ the chain, plus they protect the gears from rust and dirt. This makes it ideal for those who would rather spend their weekends riding their bike instead of maintaining it.

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CELL Bikes – Custom FixieSleek Bikes For Summer Rides

Ever wanted a bike in the most outrageous mix of colours you could think of? Well, CELL Bikes lets you have just that. Their fixies are completely customisable, and not just the colours either. Through the builder on their website, you can essentially build your own bike by choosing your preferred handlebar style, frame size, and wheel style.

Buy: CELL Bikes


Reid – DowntownSleek Bikes For Summer Rides

A super simple, lightweight, single-speed bike, Downtown by Reid is made for summer rides; by the beach, to the pool, or wherever else you want to cruise through. Crafted from high-quality materials, the bike features satin alloy parts and a KMC ‘Rust Buster’ chain, which means it requires very little maintenance.

Buy: Reid

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