Struman's Organic Beer Co. Premium Lager Review
Struman's Organic Beer Co. Premium Lager Review

Monthly Beer Digest: Struman’s Organic Beer Co. Premium Lager

Struman’s Organic Beer Co. officially launched this year with a very specific mandate – address the current lack of organic beers on the Australian market. They aim to create a quality alternative to the mainstream lagers & drys currently floating around. And this they have achieved. The business is Australian Certified Organic which is no easy feat given that you have to go through a not insignificant on-site ingredients and equipment audit. Moreover, they tracked down legendary Aussie brewer Bruce Peachey (the brain behind some very well known Australian brands like Bluetongue Brewery and John Boston) who helped them source the very best organic malts and hops available. The end product is a beer that is legitimately made from better ingredients – the barley and hops used in the beer were grown free from synthetic pesticides and herbicides. They are the real deal.

Struman's Organic Beer Co. Premium Lager Review

Now the astute reader amongst you may pick up on a slight contradiction here – why am I writing about a lager (not traditionally a crafty beer) when this is a craft beer blog series? For two reasons: a) simply put a craft beer is a beer not brewed by a ‘mega-corporation’ – it is not actually defined by its flavour and b) beer made of organically sourced produce is basically as crafty as it gets. Case closed.

Struman’s currently makes two brews – the Struman’s Dry and the Struman’s Premium Lager (our focus for today).

The Taste

A slurp of reveals that it is bolder than most other lagers. It boasts a fully flavoured body made up of a combination of malts. The net outcome of this is a unique biscuity taste. This taste is then accentuated by the use of noble hops that deliver a sprinkling of bitterness at the back. This keeps it interesting but the beer remains very much within the lager boundaries.

Struman's Organic Beer Co. Premium Lager Review

The Verdict

As you’d expect of a lager, it doesn’t pack the craftieset of punches, but that’s not what this beer is about. Sometimes it’s nice to take a breather from exotic flavourings and heavier brews. If you’re trying to wean your mate off the generics, this is a great place to start. Easy drinking, incredibly fresh and fulfilling.

Eating: Matches well with Asian food – a little bit of Chicken Pad Thai never hurt anybody.

Vibing: A well-horizoned, beach-side grassy noll and a group of mates. Thank you summer, we’ve missed you.

Buy: Dan Murphy’s

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