Henty CoPilot | The Ultimate Travel & Active Commuter Bag
Henty CoPilot | The Ultimate Travel & Active Commuter Bag

Ultimate Travel & Active Commuter Bag | Henty CoPilot

If anything is an apt indication of how good a product is, it’s when it not only meets its crowdfunding goal quickly but goes beyond it even quicker. This is what happened with Australian brand Henty. With over 20 days to go until the end of the Kickstarter campaign for their CoPilot bag, the brand has reached their goal nearly 10 times over. So what about the CoPilot is so good that so many people want a piece? As it turns out, it’s a travel and active commuter bag that’s entirely unique and really well-designed.

Henty CoPilot | The Ultimate Travel & Active Commuter Bag

The Henty CoPilot features a unique design that’s actually two bags in one. The two bags, which can be used together or separately, mean you’re covered for almost every occasion you can think of. An outer garment bag makes for the perfect place to keep your suit and shirts stored when you need to get them from point A to point B. It features semi-rigid vertical ribs so when you roll it up over the inner bag, creases on your clothes are minimised. The inner bag is where you can keep up to two pairs of shoes, plus a laptop, toiletries bag, or whatever else you have to carry. The 20L inner bag is available in four different versions to suit various needs. These include the basic inner tube, a dry bag, or a sports backpack or messenger bag.

Henty CoPilot | The Ultimate Travel & Active Commuter Bag

The CoPilot also has useful features aplenty, all designed to make your carry easier and more comfortable. These include adjustable straps, reflective piping, hanging hooks, and a rain jacket cover. Furthermore, both the inner and outer bags feature a quick access pocket for the essentials you need to keep at hand.

Henty offers a couple of fabric choices of their outer bag. The standard option comes in the form of Cordura 500d Nylon, which is super hardy and made to resists tears and scuffs. Opt for a premium upgrade and you get to choose from a few different colours of a waxed canvas material. The sports backpack and messenger inner bags also utilise the durable Cordura 500d Nylon, while the basic inner tube and dry bags are constructed from a heavy-duty tarpaulin fabric.

Henty CoPilot | The Ultimate Travel & Active Commuter Bag

The idea for the CoPilot came about a few years ago from a common problem many people face. How to actively commute with your work clothes and ensure they’re ready to wear when you get to the office. Short of stashing a few pre-planned outfits at your desk at the start of the week, the solutions to this aren’t ample. After a prototype of an initial design was made, childhood friends Jeremy Grey and Jon Gourlay founded Henty and set to work to refine the product. The CoPilot is the result of years of research, testing, and prototyping. Their hard work has clearly paid off because the CoPilot is one of the most original travel and active commuter bags we’ve seen.

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