BMW 430i Gran Coupe Review
BMW 430i Gran Coupe Review

BMW 430i Gran Coupé Review | Sleek, Sporty & Practical

The car market is not lacking in options for luxury, family-sized vehicles. All the usual suspects have contenders in there. Leading the charge is BMW, who increased their entries into this competitive market with the introduction of the 4 Series two years ago. It came about as the result of splitting apart the enduring and well-loved 3 Series. The former took the sportier cars while the latter retained the four-door options. The decision, then, to introduce a Gran Coupé iteration in the 4 Series came out of left field. Outwardly, there doesn’t appear to be too much of a difference between it and the 3 Series Sedan or GT, so surely it must be something under the hood or inside? Having spent some time behind the wheel of the BMW 330i earlier this year, it only made sense for us to try the 2016 430i Gran Coupé too.

BMW 430i Gran Coupe Review

The Car

As with the 3 Series, and most BMWs to that end, the 430i Gran Coupé is a beautiful car. Its shape is smooth and curved in all the right places with contours that use shadow and light to create an undeniably premium looking body. The front of the car features the signature, ferocious BMW look that suggests it’s entirely aware, and proud, of its status. Its rear curve makes it highly streamlined and just works.

Largely there isn’t all that much difference in looks between the 4 series Gran Coupé and 3 series Sedan or GT, but pop the boot and it’s a different story. Interestingly enough the Gran Coupé actually enters hatchback territory, giving it ample boot space and easier access. It boasts a 480L capacity and extends to 1300L with the rear seats folded down. This makes it an ideal option if you need more space than the sedan offers, but you’re not too keen on owning a wagon.

BMW 430i Gran Coupe ReviewBMW 430i Gran Coupe Review

The Interior

I was impressed by how spacious the front of the car was when I first entered. The driver’s seat was comfortable with optimal lumbar support, an essential for longer drives. The oyster-hued leather trim of our test car wouldn’t have been my first choice, but after spending a week with it I grew to love it. Even to the point that if I were to buy the 430i I would opt for it. For some reason, it made stepping into the car all that more luxurious and unique. While black leather is a classic, the oyster trim was a small, key difference that made the driving experience all the more exciting.

BMW 430i Gran Coupe Review BMW 430i Gran Coupe ReviewBMW 430i Gran Coupe Review

Our car was fitted with the M Sport Package, which gave it an elegant leather steering wheel and an Anthracite roof liner. A glass sunroof was also an additional option and it made the car feel a lot more open and spacious. Rear passenger comfort was compromised slightly by the larger boot, but the sunroof certainly alleviated any feelings of loss of space.

The dashboard and controls remain largely the same between the 4 Series Gran Coupé and 3 Series Sedan. Everything looks clean and in-place, with the screen placed at the head of the fascia. A dial found near the gear shift controls the screen. This makes it really easy to use the multimedia system while still concentrating on the road. BMW’s iDrive infotainment system is a pleasure to use. It’s easy to hook up your phone to, but it doesn’t support Apple CarPlay or Android Auto yet. Hopefully this is something they’re working on introducing soon.

We had the Innovations Package fitted in our test car too, which gave us the gift of a harman/kardon Surround Sound System. As expected, it sounded incredible. Nothing enhances a drive like your favourite songs being played through such a stellar system.

BMW 430i Gran Coupe Review BMW 430i Gran Coupe ReviewBMW 430i Gran Coupe ReviewBMW 430i Gran Coupe Review

The Drive

It was quickly apparent that there’s a slight difference in the drive between the 430i Gran Coupé and 330i. The former felt bigger and that’s because it is. Marginally longer, wider, slightly lower, and heavier, the feeling made sense. Nonetheless, it still proved to be a sleek drive.

The 430i Gran Coupé has a turbocharged 2.0L four-cylinder petrol engine with an eight-speed sports automatic transmission. Its 185kW of power and 350Nm of torque will get you from 0-100km/h in a swift 5.9 seconds. Comfort mode is just that, and what you’ll likely spend most of your time in if you’re driving in urban areas. It’s smooth and hard to fault, but switch to Sport and you’ll really see where the fun is to be had. Taking it around corners and open spaces with the tighter suspension and more responsive steering is an absolute thrill. It’s oddly surprising given how practical the 430i is.

BMW 430i Gran Coupe Review BMW 430i Gran Coupe Review

BMW claim the fuel efficiency of the 430i Gran Coupé is 5.8L/100km. A pretty decent figure that’s aided by the engine start/stop function and Eco drive mode. Standard safety features include lane departure warning, lane change warning, rear-view camera, and six airbags. BMW Driving Assistant is featured in the car with the ability to apply your brakes automatically if it thinks you’re going to be in a collision. While this wasn’t triggered during our time with the car, I did feel safe knowing it was there should anything happen.

BMW 430i Gran Coupe Review

The Wrap-Up – BMW 430i Gran Coupé Review

The BMW 430i Gran Coupé is sporty, looks sleek, and drives beautifully. It’s a nice all-rounder that gives you practical use throughout the week and the opportunity for a bit more fun when you have the time too. BMW has really done it again, and it’s not hard to see why they’re such leaders in the luxury car game. The 430i Gran Coupé is one that’ll really get its competitors worried.

Head to bmw.com.au for more info on the BMW 430i Gran Coupé.  

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