Kent & Lime | An Affordable Personal Styling Service
Kent & Lime | An Affordable Personal Styling Service

Kent & Lime | An Affordable Personal Styling Service

Endlessly scrolling through page after page of an online clothing store can get pretty disheartening after a while. Especially if it’s been ages and your cart is still sitting on zero items. Times like these are when you wish someone else could just do all the hard work for you. That is, find you some pieces you’ll like and that will fit you properly. Unless you’re a celebrity or just extremely cashed up, you’re probably not going to go as far as hiring a personal stylist to take you out shopping when you need new clothes. Instead, you can use an online service called Kent & Lime. In their own words, Kent & Lime “Take the hassle out of shopping”, by choosing your clothes for you. We recently had a go at trying the service to see exactly how it works.

Kent & Lime | An Affordable Personal Styling Service

Using Kent & Lime is a simple three-step process. It involves answering a few quick questions on their website so their team of personal stylists can figure out what to choose for you. You then try on the clothes they send you, and either say yes or no to them. It’s pretty damn simple. You don’t pay for what you don’t keep, and there’s no pressure to hold on to something if you don’t like it.

When I jumped onto the Kent & Lime website, I found the initial survey to be super quick and easy to fill out. It involved answering a few basic questions like how you would describe your style, what specific pieces you need and how you like your clothes to fit. A phone call from one of their stylists then followed, so she could get to know what I was after a bit better. By asking questions like what occasions I want the clothes for, what colours I normally wear, as well as things like whether I need new shorts since it’s coming into summer, she was able to determine exactly what kind of pieces she could put together for me. The stylist also asked if there were any specific brands I like that they stock. Their line-up of labels includes some favourites such as Neuw, Levi’s and Royal Republiq.

Kent & Lime | An Affordable Personal Styling Service

My Kent & Lime kit arrived the next day; an impressive turnaround time! Housed in sleek packaging, my bespoke outfit was folded neatly, waiting for me to try the pieces on. Also included in the box was a note from the stylist, who had enclosed a list of each of the items she chose as well as advice on how to style them. You could tell they had really taken all the information I gave them into account. Having opted for items that were smart casual, I was pleased to see a nice pair of crisp white leather sneakers by Royal Republiq, new Academy Brand chino shorts as well as a couple of their basic t-shirts. All versatile items I would wear regularly.

Kent & Lime | An Affordable Personal Styling Service Kent & Lime | An Affordable Personal Styling Service

Returning pieces is as simple as receiving them in the first place. When you log back into the website, your profile automatically displays the items that were sent to you. From here you can just select the ones you’re sending back, and a courier is booked at the click of a button to come pick them up from you.

The service that Kent & Lime provides will completely change the way you shop if you simply don’t have the time or you need some styling advice. There’s something for everyone, no matter what your look is.

For more info on Kent & Lime, head to kentandlime.com.au.  

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