How To Customise Sneakers With NikeiD
How To Customise Sneakers With NikeiD

How To Customise Sneakers With NIKEiD

Who hasn’t wished they could tailor a pair of sneakers to their exact taste before? Better yet if they were your favourite Nike silhouette. We certainly have, and thanks to the recent launch of NIKEiD in Australia we actually had the chance to. NIKEiD is an online system that allows you to select which style of shoe you want, and through an easy step-by-step process, you can modify nearly every aspect of its look. The range of sneakers is quite extensive and covers some of their most popular running and lifestyle designs, as well as a range of sport-specific footwear. We tried our hand at customising a few pairs of NIKEiD sneakers to see how it works.

How To Customise Sneakers With NikeiD


Online Editor

First, you head to the customise section of nike.com/au and begin by choosing which sneaker you want to work with. We opted for two lifestyle shoes, the Roshe LD-1000 and Blazer Low, plus one running pair, the Free RN. Once you’ve selected your silhouette you enter the editor, where materials, colours, logos and more can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content. Basically, every part of the shoe is customisable, from the upper to the laces and even the swoosh. There’s even an option to add your own personal iD to the shoes, often in place of the Nike branding on the backtab.

How To Customise Sneakers With NikeiD How To Customise Sneakers With NikeiD

Design Stages

The designing is broken up into stages with each editing a different part of the shoe. Start with selecting the material, then choose the colour. The preview of the design updates in real time so it’s easy to see how your new shoes are looking. The final stages of the design process are where you’ll add style specific detailing and personal touches.

How To Customise Sneakers With NikeiD

For our Roshe LD-1000 and Blazer Low, we went with a suede construction, which gives these lifestyle sneakers a premium look. As mentioned above, there are cool little details you can opt for that are specific to certain sneakers, such as vintage tongues, various graphics, sidewall accents, colour fades and more.

How To Customise Sneakers With NikeiD

While we’re not ones to wear crazy, multi-coloured sneakers, if they happen to be your style, you’ll love NIKEiD. We utilised the options available to suit our taste, which is more classic and minimal, and we really enjoyed trying to keep the design of the sneakers as clean and simple as possible.

How To Customise Sneakers With NikeiD

Turnaround Time

Nike gives a timeframe of 3-5 weeks for the customised shoes to be made through NIKEiD. We were expecting to wait close to the full 5 weeks considering the shoes are obviously made to order, but we ended up receiving them within 3. Throughout the waiting time you also receive updates on what stage of manufacturing or delivery each pair is up to, which makes you look forward to the arrival of your new shoes even more.

How To Customise Sneakers With NikeiD

The Final Product

Having your NIKEiD sneakers arrive and inspecting how they look in the flesh is a really exciting experience. While seeing them on screen through the online editor gives you a good idea of what they’ll look like, you’ll still be impressed when you see the physical product in front of you.

We love the way our designs look off the screen; the combination of premium materials combined with beautiful shades like grey, beige and white turned out really well. When you get your hands on the shoes you can really appreciate the feel of the materials as well as how dynamic they are in different light. More importantly, you also get to see how they look and feel on your feet!

How To Customise Sneakers With NikeiD

We found NIKEiD to be a compelling and quite personal experience as you get to choose all the elements that make up your ideal shoes. Amongst all the excitement of the process and receiving your brand new shoes, there’s even a sense of pride as you unbox your new, customised sneakers.

Start designing your own NIKEiD sneakers at nike.com/au

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