Hotel Jen Tanglin Review

5 Reasons to Stay at Hotel Jen Tanglin In Singapore

The hallmarks of a great hotel are usually made up of three things – beautiful design, excellent service, and great location. We found all three of these at the Hotel Jen Tanglin in Singapore.

We were recommended to stay here as it was part of the Singapore Stopover Premium package. Before staying, we hadn’t even heard of the relatively new hotel brand. Singapore is one of the most densely populated cities in the world with hotels on every corner you turn. Strangely enough most of them aren’t very good. Hotel Jen Tanglin definitely makes it to the top list of places to stay in Singapore, and here are five compelling reasons why.
Hotel Jen Tanglin Review Hotel Jen Tanglin Review Hotel Jen Tanglin Review

1. It’s Newly Renovated

Hotel Jen Tanglin just completed a SGD$45 million renovation in 2015, transforming it from the old Traders Hotel to a modern traveller’s oasis. There are 565 rooms in the property and none of them are exactly the same. Not only that, but Hotel Jen is a new age hotel where everything is well thought through and the comfort of guests come first.

Hotel Jen Tanglin Review Hotel Jen Tanglin Review Hotel Jen Tanglin Review Hotel Jen Tanglin Review

2. Well Designed Rooms

Have you ever wondered why hotel rooms aren’t better designed? There’s always a lack of power outlets and they are always in awkward locations. Well, it’s not that no one had thought of it (or perhaps that is part of the problem). The rooms do go through a design process, however, at the end of the day, budget often wins over design. And more times than not, the comfort of guests are compromised for cost cutting.

I’m sure that in the re-design of Hotel Jen Tanglin they had to go through the dilemma of weighing up cost vs functionality. But it’s apparent that they have put hotel guests in front of mind.

The room is small but they’ve made great use of the space. For example, there are extra overhead shelves for storing small luggage pieces and the custom built chaise, which is there in lieu of a sofa, has a built-in draw that houses an ironing board underneath it. The bathroom is also small but the shower is spacious. Moreover, nowadays, everyone carries 2-3 electronic devices with them when they travel, and the power sockets in the Hotel Jen rooms are abundant. They are also fitted in places that make sense, like above the side table next to the bed and above the study desk, not behind the bedhead or under the table. There are even built-in USB wall charging ports – gold!

Hotel Jen Tanglin Review Hotel Jen Tanglin ReviewHotel Jen Tanglin Review

3. Free Loan Bikes

A great way to see any city is either on foot or by bicycle. The problem with walking is that you end up getting tired without covering much ground. On a bike, though, you could cover a pretty big area within an hour or two. Hotel Jen Tanglin has complimentary bikes that you can loan for the day to explore the area. They aren’t just any old bikes either, they’re Tokyo Bikes.

The hotel is near the Singapore Botanical Gardens, so it’s perfect for getting to and around the park. It’s also a short ride to Orchard Road if you’re up for some shopping.

Hotel Jen Tanglin Review Hotel Jen Tanglin Review Hotel Jen Tanglin ReviewHotel Jen Tanglin Review

4. Free Hi-Speed WiFi

In Australia, it’s hard enough to pay for good WiFi let alone get amazing free WiFi. At Hotel Jen Tanglin, you get 20Mbps up and 20Mbps down. Enough said.

We don’t go back to hotels that have slow internet and we certainly do not book a hotel that charges extra for it. Some places make you jump through hoops to sign-in and it’s not uncommon for hotels to restrict the number of devices you can use. That’s pretty annoying if you’re travelling for work and will most likely have 2 or 3 devices. Then there are the hotels that periodically sign you out every few hours, making it a pain in the proverbial. It’s like asking you to swipe your door key throughout the day to reactivate running water.

At Hotel Jen, you don’t need a username and password for access and it’s free for all staying guests and day visitors. The sign-in process is absolutely painless, you just have to click a button to agree to the T&C’s and it will stay connected. You can connect as many devices as you like. This is how you do internet right.

Hotel Jen Tanglin Review Hotel Jen Tanglin ReviewHotel Jen Tanglin Review

5. Attention To Detail

There are so many things right about this hotel that it’s hard to mention them all and not sound like a sell. Their attention to detail when it comes to the room design is outstanding. These include small things that make travelling easier and a more pleasant experience, like having power plugs and the safe at the right height and large light switches that are labelled so you don’t have to flick every switch to find the right one. Moreover, the room has soft glowing night lights, which makes it a lot easier to see when you have to get up in the middle of the night and you’re not yet familiar with the layout of the space. When you switch the night lights off, there is a 5 second delay before the lights actually turn off, allowing some time for you to tuck yourself back into bed without fumbling around – how thoughtful is that?

Other details they’ve nailed, and ones that often get overlooked, are things like having a really good-sized sink in the bathroom. If you’ve ever tried to wash your face or brush your teeth over a shallow, tiny sink, you’ll know how annoying it can be. At Hotel Jen, the bathroom sink is deep and wide, making your grooming routine easy as can be. Furthermore, the hair dryer is ready to go when you need it and it’s stowed neatly within reach when it’s not in use.

Hotel Jen Tanglin Review

Hotel Jen Tanglin Review
Hotel Jen Tanglin Review

Hotel Jen Tanglin ReviewAnother small convenience Hotel Jen provides that can make a big difference to how comfortable the stay is, is that they provide two soft and two firm pillow options on the bed. I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s experienced a sore neck from sleeping on hotel pillows that just aren’t right for me. Here you have the choice, and it really goes to show how closely they thought about the details.

Hotel Jen Lockers

The conveniences extend to beyond just the rooms too. Phone charger lockers are found throughout the hotel, meaning you can easily give your phone’s battery a quick boost while you head out to lunch. Club Lounge Level guests also have 24-hour access to the hotel’s Club Lounge. This is a great spot on the 19th floor that offers a more private space to work or to just relax. The many awesome features of the lounge include all-day complimentary drinks and snacks as well as a concierge on hand to answer any questions you may have. You can even check-out here so you don’t have to queue up at the reception desk.

All in all, this is now definitely one of our favourite hotels in Singapore, and the brand itself is one to keep an eye on as it expands throughout Australasia. If there’s a Hotel Jen in the city we’re heading to, it will always be on the shortlist.

For more info on how you can stay at Hotel Jen Tanglin for the best value, check out the Singapore Stopover Holiday Package at singaporeair.com

To see more info about Hotel Jen Tanglin, click on Hotel Jen Tanglin.

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