Minimalist iPhone Case
Minimalist iPhone Case

Protect Your Phone With A Totallee Minimalist iPhone Case

Part of the reason that so many people buy iPhones is that they look so damn sleek. Even the most avid of Android enthusiasts can’t deny that the iPhone is a beautiful device. Their lack of bulk is also partly why the Apple smartphones are so popular. Being so lightweight and easy to hold, it’s a shame you have to put a clunky case on it to protect it. Though some people may risk forgoing a case in order to maintain the slim profile of their iPhone, others need that extra protection, lest a few clumsy fingers get a hold of it! It’s pretty overwhelming out there in the world of iPhone cases, but we’ve found a brand who offer minimalist cases that don’t hinder the original design of the device while protecting it. What makes them even better is that they only cost $25 AUD!

Minimalist iPhone Case Minimalist iPhone Case

Totallee is a brand based in California, founded by people who genuinely just want to make a nice, functional product. Their line of cases includes three different styles; The Doberman, The Spy and The Scarf. Each one varies in thinness and offers slightly different levels of protection for your phone. The Doberman boasts being Totallee’s most durable case. It’s also their thickest, which, at only 0.06″, is saying a lot. The Doberman is constructed from a soft material with a matte finish and does a stellar job at protecting your phone from drops and scratches. The Spy is next in line in the Totallee range, and is only 0.04″. It’s made of a transparent, soft material that provides a nice grip. Being clear also means you can flaunt your awesome gold iPhone 6s while protecting it from scratches and bumps at the same time. The Scarf rounds out the range, and at only 0.02″, it’s the ultimate minimalist iPhone case. Available in four different shades, The Scarf offers a nice complement to the phone’s design. Ideal for the least clumsy amongst us, this case will protect your device from scratches and everyday wear.

Minimalist iPhone CaseMinimalist iPhone Case Minimalist iPhone Case

If you think you might need a bit of extra protection on the front of your iPhone too, Totallee also has you covered there. Forget those cheap plastic screen protectors you can buy from eBay, Totallee’s Tempered Glass Screen Protector feels like your phone’s regular screen. It adds an extra layer of protection to your iPhone without disrupting any of the touchscreen features.

Totallee is a great option if you’re after a minimalist iPhone case that protects your phone while ensuring it still looks sleek. Well-designed and affordable, they’re the ideal alternative to all the bulk of what’s out there.

For more info head to totalleecase.com

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