The Anthem By Samsung
The Anthem By Samsung

Samsung Debuts ‘The Anthem’ Ahead Of The 2016 Rio Olympic Games

Few worldwide events bring people together quite like the Olympics. Whether you like sport or not, it’s hard to escape the contagious excitement that comes with the games every four years. Though countries contend with each other on the track, field and court, competition remains jovial and people are united by the friendly nature of it all. Samsung, the Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Wireless Communications Equipment category, have just debuted their latest campaign for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Their video, simply titled ‘The Anthem’, seeks to extend the feeling of global unity beyond just stadiums.


The Anthem’s concept is really quite incredible. It features both Olympic fans and athletes in various cities around the world singing parts of other countries’ national anthems, with the help of a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. From a young girl in Australia singing the anthem of Botswana to a stampede of Germans proudly singing the anthem of Tunisia, the end result is a seamless tribute to the spirit of the games. It inspires a great feeling of togetherness and harmony that’s quite inherent in the Olympics. The video also reflects Samsung’s commitment to breaking down geographical barriers and using technology and innovation to facilitate a more united world.

The Anthem By Samsung

Though it’s already hard not to be extremely impressed by the participating athletes at the Olympics, when you think about the struggles that many of them have endured, it makes it all the more meaningful. The Anthem by Samsung features six athletes from around the globe who have shown great fortitude in the face of such struggles and barriers to achieve their goals. A few of those included in this inspiring list are Shelley Watts – Australian boxer, Tom Daley – Great British diver as well as Arnaud Assoumani – a French Paralympian.

The Anthem By Samsung

The Anthem by Samsung builds on the brand’s gripping campaign for the 2016 Olympics. Other stories include the moving, The Chant, and the short documentary, A Fighting Chance. Each demonstrates how the brand’s products work to inspire the athletes who represent us and how they aid in global communication to overcome barriers.

The Anthem By Samsung

Arnaud Assoumani sums it up well when he suggests that “[sport] has an incredible power of bringing people of all different backgrounds, cultures and languages together.” Nothing demonstrates this better than the Olympics and The Anthem by Samsung.

For more info about Samsung’s involvement in the Olympics, head to samsungmobilepress.com

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