New Epson Projectors

Create An Immersive Home Theatre Experience With The New Epson Projectors

This year is shaping up to be a stellar one when it comes to super high-quality home theatre experiences, thanks to advancing technologies. Think bigger and better than just a top of the range television, though – we’re talking projectors. Set amongst the appropriate backdrop of Surry Hills’ Golden Age Cinema, we were recently invited by Epson to experience their latest industry-leading home theatre projectors, the EH-TW8300 and EH-TW9300W. Boasting state-of-the-art innovations that make for an unprecedented viewing experience, Epson’s new products are game changers for at-home cinematic quality.

New Epson Projectors New Epson Projectors

To start with, Epson’s new projectors are HDR-compatible, plus feature 4k enhancement that allows them to not only display native 4k content, but also enhance Full HD 1080p content too. This results in beautifully detailed picture quality for a completely immersive experience. This includes the wireless EH-TW9300W model too, which utilises a new WiHD transmitter to receive 4k content. To top it off, the projectors can also support 4k UHD Blu-ray, covering all the bases of the highest quality currently available.

New Epson ProjectorsNew Epson Projectors New Epson Projectors

The colour brightness of the EH-TW8300 and EH-TW9300W projectors prove to be second to none, thanks to the 3LCD technology they feature. Where other projectors use what’s called 1-Chip DLP, the new Epson projectors utilise 3LCD, which delivers colour in a completely different way. Basically, it works by combining three primary colour images using a prism, and a full-colour image is made consisting of millions of colours, which are then projected from the machine. This results in sharper, consistent and more vibrant colours, all of which we experienced first hand during the product demonstration at Golden Age Cinema. With the 1-Chip DLP process that can be found in other machines, colours often appear inaccurate and dull, plus it also uses a lot more energy than 3LCD.

New Epson Projectors New Epson Projectors

Furthermore, something many people (us included) hadn’t thought to consider when it comes to projector quality is its Colour Light Output. Measuring this important component of the machine means you get a better idea of the total brightness output, instead of just white brightness. The new Epson projectors deliver 2,500 Lumens of colour brightness and 2,500 Lumens of white brightness to make for a super dynamic display.

New Epson Projectors New Epson Projectors

If you’re anything like us and completely hooked on all the movie quality TV shows that have been coming out in recent years, watching them through a high-quality projector like the EH-TW8300 or EH-TW9300W is an entirely new experience. The machines use features such as super-resolution and detail enhancement to increase HD quality images, while the frame interpolation feature makes for sharper and smoother movement in the images.

New Epson ProjectorsNew Epson Projectors

Providing a high-quality and truly immersive home theatre experience, the new projectors by Epson are a great option for your next movie night or sports game.

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