minimalist bedding
minimalist bedding

Luxurious, Minimalist Bedding From IN BED

Your bed is an important place and more often than not, it’s used for more than just sleeping. However you utilise yours, it’s always best to ensure it’s as comfortable as it can be. Australian brand IN BED recognise this and have created a range of minimalist bedding that really raises the bar when it comes to comfort. Using the softest and most luxurious fabrics including linen, flannel, wool and cashmere, IN BED are making our sleeping quarters look and feel way more enticing.

minimalist beddingminimalist bedding

One of the things that sets IN BED apart from your standard linen is their ethical and global approach to production. Their materials are ethically sourced from around the world, and they only use high-quality natural fibres and fabrics. What’s more is that the manufacturing of the products is taken care of by experts who have decades of experience. Their 100% cotton flannel, for example, is grown in Africa, then taken to Portugal to be woven and turned into bedding in a family owned and operated factory – one that has been in operation since the 1940s! By working closely with their suppliers and manufacturers, IN BED are able to ensure their products consistently meet their high standards.

minimalist beddingminimalist bedding

In their own words, IN BED’s products are “made to be lived in, loved in and snuggled up to”. It’s the kind of bedding that makes you want to hit snooze about 10 more times in the morning. Nothing is more cosy than a set of sheets that engulf you in warmth from the moment you jump in, which is what IN BED’s flannel does. Save yourself the energy bill that comes with an electric blanket and heater and go for flannel instead. Similarly, the brand’s 100% pure linen bedding keeps you warm in winter, but it’s also a great summer option too. Lightweight and breathable, the durable fabric gets better with age and can last decades with good care.

minimalist bedding minimalist bedding

Adding to the appeal, the IN BED collection comes in a range of neutral shades that complement each other really well. Mix a cotton flannel fitted linen sheet in grey chambray with the cool grey linen duvet cover and striped pillowslips for a neutral colour scheme with subtle depth. Complete the look with the dark grey and navy stripe cashmere throw for extra warmth when you need it.

minimalist beddingminimalist bedding minimalist bedding

IN BED’s bedding is complemented by a range of sleek and useful accessories that make time spent between the sheets more enjoyable. Think stylish breakfast in bed essentials, design books and even their own signature candles by Maison Balzac. Making for the perfect gift for either yourself or someone else, IN BED has you covered for everything you need in bed.

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