Converse Release New Water Repellent Sneakers | Chuck Taylor All Star II Shield Canvas

There’s no feeling more uncomfortable than having wet shoes and socks. Try as you might but preparing for the weather when you’re getting dressed doesn’t always guarantee you’ll stay dry when it’s bucketing down. While umbrellas and coats may protect your upper body, your feet can often be overlooked and end up soaked. Short of wearing water-resistant boots, which aren’t always an appropriate outfit choice, there’s not too much you can do about this. However, streetwear brand Converse have now come up with a solution to the problem. It’s called the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Shield Canvas.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Shield Canvas

The new line of shoes has just been launched and it’s safe to say it’s a winner in terms of both function and aesthetics. Building on the innovations of the Chuck II released last year, Converse has continued to improve the iconic sneakers. The new shoes are constructed from a water repellent, 18 oz. shield canvas to keep your socks and feet safe from the uncomfortable perils of rain and puddles. A new, gusseted tongue also works to keep your feet dry. There’s no doubt water repellent sneakers will come in handy in many situations, not just when the weather forecast is looking a little grim. Ever been to a music festival?

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Shield Canvas

The water repellent features in the Shield Canvas range work in conjunction with the existing Chuck II advances that provide an immense amount of comfort for all-day wear. These include the Nike Lunarlon insole, which delivers full foot cushioning and arch support. Soft micro-suede lining and a padded non-slip tongue also ensure maximum comfort and breathability over extended wear.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Shield Canvas sneakers come in both classic high and low top silhouettes in a range of colour combinations. They retain the sleek look of classic Chucks with the subtle additions from the Chuck IIs, including an embroidered logo patch. Versatile enough to be worn with any casual outfit, they’ll undoubtedly be a nice complement to your umbrella or rain jacket too.


So alongside ‘comfortable’ and ‘good-looking’, add a new checkbox to your sneaker requirements – ‘water repellent’. A wise choice for whenever the weather’s not playing nice, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Shield Canvas is released today.

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