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What To Carry To The Office

If you work in an office there’s no reason why your affinity with good design and nice products should be restricted to just the weekend. With your desk already taken care of, it’s time to find the best work accessories to carry to the office. We’ve rounded up 11 well-designed essentials to carry to work…


Royal Republiq – Explorer Laptop Bagbest work accessories for men

The Royal Republiq Explorer Laptop Bag has an awesome, classic look – complete with a cognac leather finish. With double compartments your belongings can be organised and accessed quickly, plus it can easily fit a 17 inch Macbook.

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Bellroy XO Barneys New Yorkbest work accessories for men

The soon to be launched Bellroy XO Barneys New York collection is the perfect mix of elegance and practically, making it more than suitable for work. The slim form of this card sleeve is ideal for slipping in your suit pocket.

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Audio Technica – SR5 Bluetooth Headphonesbest work accessories for men

Whether you need to entertain yourself during your commute or just need to tune out when you’re in the office, a good pair of headphones is essential. The SR5 bluetooth headphones by Audio Technica are a comfortable, lightweight pair that deliver sound wirelessly. You can also use them wired for high-res audio.

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Incase – Icon Sleevebest work accessories for men

Your laptop is valuable – not only because of how much it costs, but because it’s usually where all your work, thoughts and ideas are kept. Keep it safe with the Incase Icon Sleeve. Though lightweight, the sleeve uses features like shock-absorbing Tensaerlite, fitted panels and a faux-fur lining to protect your laptop. Best of all, it also has easy access to ports so you can charge your device while it’s in the sleeve.

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Pouch Pals – Cord Casebest work accessories for men

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to untangle earphones that have managed to tie themselves up even though you’re sure you wound them up properly before you put them away. Keep them organised with this handy Cord Case by Pouch Pals. The simple leather case is easy to use and will save you both your time and sanity.

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KeepCup – Brew Cork Reusable Coffee Cupbest work accessories for men

If you’re like us and need a coffee in the morning for your brain to turn on, you’ll see how the waste from takeaway cups can stack up quickly. Keep your caffeine habit sustainable by using a reusable cup instead. This one by KeepCup is made from glass to ensure you get the purest coffee taste, plus it features a cork band so you can hold on to it without burning your fingers.

Buy: Rushfaster 


Maxx & Unicorn – D Keyringbest work accessories for men

A unique and functional product made from a beautiful solid brass, Maxx & Unicorn’s D Keyring is the most stylish way to organise your keys. It can easily hold over 12 without breaking a sweat, plus keys can be folded within its shape so they remain compact and sleek.

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This Is Ground – Tech Dopp Kitbest work accessories for men

This handmade leather case is exactly what you need to keep all your cords, cables, chargers and other tech accessories organised. This is Ground’s Tech Dopp Kit features compartments to neatly store all your gear with enough space for large headphones, plus a zip pocket to keep smaller items safe too.

Buy: Gallontoro 


Killspencer – Pencil Casebest work accessories for men

Whether you’re a designer, artist or just someone who still appreciates the art of putting pen to paper, this leather pencil case by Killspencer is a great idea. Handmade and with antique silver detailing, it’s a much sleeker alternative to that plastic one you bought from the newsagency 10 years ago.

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Mikol – Nero Marquina Marble Notebookbest work accessories for men

The front and back covers of this unique notebook by Mikol are made from 100% real marble. They’re built to flex using laminated webbing and recycled corrugate between the marble grains. Jot down your thoughts, notes or meeting minutes in this and you’ll be sure to catch a few envious eye around the office.

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S’well – Shimmer Bottlebest work accessories for men

Being dehydrated can have a fairly noticeable impact on your performance at work; it can make you feel tired, sluggish and definitely not in the right state of mind to be delivering 100%. Keeping a water bottle with you at all times is an easy way to keep up the liquids, and this S’well bottle is a great option. It’s lightweight so won’t weigh down your bag, plus it can hold cold or hot liquids and keep them that way for ages.

Buy: Rushfaster

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