Beer Days
Beer Days

Monthly Beer Digest: Beer Days Father’s Day Box

To celebrate Father’s Day we’ll be doing something a little bit different this month. We’ll be featuring not just one beer but rather a whole box of them – as supplied by Beer Days. Long story short, Beer Days are a beer club that sends its members a new selection of craft beers every month (or quarter). They sent us their ‘Foodie Dad’ Father’s Day box to sample – we were happy to oblige.

The ‘Foodie Dad’ box includes the following beers: Young Henry’s Natural Lager, Prickly Moses Otway Ale, Nomad Cruisin’ Ale, Barrow Boys Pedlars Ale, Edge Brewing Cool Hops and Kaiju! Robo Hops. As the box’s name suggests, they’ve geared it towards the foodie fathers out there by packaging it up with Matthew Ramsay’s ‘Hot Buns and Juicy Beefcakes’ burger recipes book, a bottle opener and some beef jerky. We’ve explored some of our top picks from the box below…

Beer Days

Barrow Boys – Pedlars Pale

The Barrow Boys (Ash and Dean) are a brewing/spruiking combo from Melbourne who are as boutiqey as it comes. They value the art and craftsmanship of beer over all else which results in some really great tasting beer. A deep sniff of their Pedlars Pale evokes a passion-fruity waft. Unsurprisingly, it tastes just as fruity (thanks to its bouquet of hops) but in no way is this overpowering. This hazy-gold coloured little number offers a great balance of flavour and drinkability.

Beer Days

Prickly Moses – Otway Pale Ale

Prickly Moses is the beer brewing leg of the Otway Estate winery. The uniquely storied Brewery is creating some pretty uniquely flavoured beers. Located in the Otways (a national park region at the southern tip of Victoria), every beer is infused with pure rainwater. The Otway Pale Ale offers a rich and clean caramel flavour that is supported by a light beery bitterness. Flavoursome but filling – hats off to those who dare to session.

Beer Days

Kaiju! Beer – Robohop Golden IPA

Kaiju! Beer are a group of three self-proclaimed nerdy beer scientists. At their punky business they brew their beers by hand which is a painstaking process that is the exclusive domain of people who really love brewing beer only. Their Robohop has a solid tropical/citrus fruitiness to it that is well balanced by a proportion of wheat malt. It’s not going to knock your socks off like some other IPAs which – depending upon the way your taste buds have evolved – may either delight or disgust you. For the IPA aficionados amongst us, this beer is more than worthy of your moneys.

Beer Days

Listening: Classic dad tunes… Daddy Cool – Eagle Rock springs to mind.

Eating: Sausage sandwiches coated in BBQ’d onions and tomato sauce.

Vibing: A warm spring’s day at your parent’s place. Your siblings squabbling as your Dad attempts to hold court to no avail – happy Father’s Day.

Treat Dad with a Father’s Day box. Buy a box that matches his tastes here: beerdays.com.au

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