beard maintenance tips

Beard Maintenance Tips + Win A Philips Beardtrimmer

Ask any man with a good beard and he’ll tell you that there’s a certain art to growing a healthy one. Even when you’re going for the scruffy, rugged look, maintaining your whiskers properly is super important, for both aesthetic and hygiene reasons. We recently caught up with Australian Men’s Hair Dresser of the Year and Philips Shaving & Grooming Ambassador, Jules Tognini, to talk about some key things to remember when it comes to beard upkeep. He gave us some helpful dos and don’ts for facial hair care, and discussed how the new Philips Vacuum Beardtrimmer can change your grooming game.

beard maintenance tips

What’s the most important thing men should remember when growing a beard? 

To just have fun with it, so many blokes make the mistake of being too rigid. You want your beard to complement your face, not sit as a perfect square. Facial hair is part of your identity, your own stamp of style. You need to treat your beard well for it to look good. Use beard oil to moisturise your face and stubble, it’ll stop your skin from drying out in winter and will keep your face from looking tired. Also invest in the right tools, chuck the razor and get a good beard trimmer and a quality set of trimmers, having the right equipment on hand will make everything easier.

beard maintenance tips

What are some dos and don’ts when growing / caring for a beard? 

Do identify your beards natural shape before you trim it, no one wants a wonky face. Comb through the hair to see how your hair sits naturally and then get the trimmer out.

Don’t trim your hair into a square. You are not Spongebob, you cannot rock a square head.

Do trim down from the cheekbone to the jaw. If you follow the growth of the hair you’ll create a more chiseled look.

Don’t leave hair all over the place. The Philips Vacuum Beardtrimmer vacuums up the hair as you trim, a lifesaver for those that don’t enjoy housework.

Lastly, do use a mirror. Don’t leave it to chance.

beard maintenance tips

Should men do anything different in winter when caring for their beards than in summer? 

We all know the cold weather plays havoc on your skin. Again, ensure you moisturise to keep your skin and face healthy. Don’t be afraid to let your beard grow out a bit over the colder months. The extra length will not only keep your face warm but it looks awesome with a scarf and peacoat.

beard maintenance tips

What are some common mistakes men make when growing / caring for their beards? 

Neglecting the mo’! Trimming your moustache once a week will keep it looking neat and refined. The Philips 9000 Beardtrimmer has a 0.2mm precision setting, really good for ‘mo’nicuring.

What are some different beard and hair styles men can go for this season? 
There are so many styles and options to choose! A tight fade with a big scruffy beard can’t go wrong in the cold weather.

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