Beam Projector review
Beam Projector review

A Smart Projector Designed To Make Life More Efficient & Enjoyable

Imagine waking up in the morning and immediately seeing the weather forecast and news displayed on your bedroom wall in front of you. No need to fumble around for your phone or TV remote; it’s all just there automatically. Or picture yourself coming home after work and having Netflix automatically open when you step through the front door, ready for you to settle in for the night. This might sound like some out of reach technology from the future, but it’s all entirely possible right now, thanks to a product called Beam.

Beam Projector review


Beam is a smart projector that has the unique ability to be screwed straight into any light socket, turning any flat surface into a screen – from your ceiling to your floor or even kitchen bench. It also comes with a power cord so you can plug it into the wall and sit it on a flat surface, allowing it to be used as a traditional projector. Beam earns the term of being a smart projector because it has an Android computer built into it, meaning its capabilities are far more diverse than a traditional projector.

The product itself is sleek and unobtrusive. It’s lightweight and pretty small for a projector, though don’t let its stature fool you – its output is still quite powerful. Beam has a unique round shape with a subtle flat surface on one side so it stays still when placed on it’s side. Weighing in at around 400 grams means it’s portable and would be fine to take travelling too.

Beam Projector review

Beam Remote

Conveniently, your phone becomes the controller for Beam. The Beam Remote app, available on both Android and iOS, is simple to use and cleanly designed. It connects to the projector through WiFi and in addition to controlling what’s on the big screen with the touchpad and keyboard, you can use the app to dim the lights, change the volume or even flip the projection.

Beam Projector review

Using Beam

After the simple process of initially setting up the projector through the app, I was ready to see what it could do. I first tried it screwed into a table lamp’s light socket, so it was projecting onto the ceiling, and then tried it sitting flat on a table so it projected against a wall. Off the bat, in both positions, the projection was a lot clearer than I imagined it would be. With an 854 x 480 resolution and 100 lumen brightness, it looked pretty impressive on both surfaces. After an initial scroll through the menu, I opened YouTube, which is pre-installed, and watched a few videos. The sound from the 2 x 2 Watt speakers in Beam isn’t anything spectacular although entirely usable in certain situations, but it does have Bluetooth so connecting it to more powerful speakers isn’t a problem.

Beam Projector review

Beam’s uses aren’t just limited to viewing videos or images either; you can use it to browse the internet, play games or display messages too, not to mention that it can just be used as a nicely designed light. Beam can also be programmed to perform tasks at pre-determined times, such as the aforementioned news and weather being displayed when you wake up (or your Instagram feed if that’s more up your alley). Like the projector’s other applications, this is also really simple to set up, and I derived endless enjoyment from programming messages to appear on the kitchen floor when my housemates came home from work.

The Wrap-Up

Beam is the kind of gadget you never knew you wanted until you tried it. It’s incredibly easy to use, plus it’s lightweight, portable and quite powerful. Designed to make life more efficient and enjoyable, Beam is an awesome piece of technology with a myriad of uses.

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