Best Men's Hair Products
Best Men's Hair Products

8 Men’s Hair Products You Should Try

While it’s easy to get into a cycle of using the same grooming products over and over again, it’s a good idea to mix it up every so often and try something new in your hair. There are some great brands out there making really nice products at the moment, so we’ve put together a selection of some of the best men’s hair products you should try…


Baxter Of California – Clay PomadeBest Men's Hair Products

Easily allowing you to achieve quite a few different looks with your hair, Baxter of California Clay Pomade is a super useful product to keep in your styling arsenal. It’s texturising and gives a firm hold, plus it can be built up for a stronger hold without looking or feeling like you have too much product in. Use it in damp hair for a nice wet-look finish, or in dry hair for a more natural finish.

Buy: Maple Store


Sachajuan – Hair WaxBest Men's Hair Products

Minimal in design yet very functional, Sachajuan is sticking to their Scandinavian roots with their nourishing Hair Wax. Utilising their own ocean silk technology, the wax is moisturising but remains non-greasy. It’s also pliable enough to let you restyle your hair throughout the day if you want to.

Buy: Mr Porter 


Uppercut Deluxe – Featherweight WaxBest Men's Hair Products

As its name suggests, Featherweight by Uppercut Deluxe is a super light wax that works really well if you’re after a messy, textured look. It dries quickly after it’s applied with a matte finish and would work best for guys with shorter hair.

Buy: Uppercut Deluxe


Mr. Smith – Stimulating Conditioner Best Men's Hair Products

A rich and indulgent product for your hair, Mr. Smith’s Stimulating Conditioner will leave your locks softer and stronger than before. It’s enriched with a number of different ingredients, from avocado oil and shea butter to moisturise and olive leaf extract to make your hair smoother. As if these weren’t reason enough to try it, Mr. Smith’s product packaging always looks awesome in the shower.

Buy: Mr. Smith


Triumph & Disaster – Coltrane ClayBest Men's Hair Products

Utilising Kaolin and beeswax as its base, Coltrane Clay by Triumph & Disaster is a strong, pliable and nourishing styling product for your hair. Both ingredients allow for easy moulding while adding texture and volume too, so it doesn’t look too done. With an interesting yet subtle American Tabacco scent, this clay is a great choice for your daily styling product.

Buy: Hunting For George


King Brown – Premium PomadeBest Men's Hair Products

Perfect for those who are after a bit of shine with their style, Premium Pomade by King Brown gives a medium hold with a touch of sheen. It features a petroleum and beeswax base and it’s easily washed out with just water too – ideal if you don’t want to wash your hair too often.

Buy: Someplace


evo – Normal Person’s Daily ShampooBest Men's Hair Products

Whether you tend to use quite a bit of product in your hair or not, it’s a good idea to use a deep cleansing shampoo to ensure all traces of build up and dirt are removed. This simple formula from evo is a no-fuss shampoo that does just that. Being free of sulphates also means you can use it daily without it drying out your hair and scalp.

Buy: evo


Patricks – M2Best Men's Hair Products

A lightweight styling product with a matte finish and masculine scent, Patricks M2 also features technology that provides extra care for your hair. The formula aids in hair growth and scalp health, plus it includes UV protection – something not many people realise they need for their hair as well as their skin!

Buy: Patricks


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