Lloyd's Inn Review
Lloyd's Inn Review

Raw Minimalist Hotel Singapore | Lloyd’s Inn Review

On the way home to Sydney after spending a week in paradise on Kandolhu Island in the Maldives, I was back in Singapore for a night. I’ve stayed in a few hotels in Singapore in the past and was looking for something a bit different this time. An option that really caught my eye while I was searching online for accommodation was Lloyd’s Inn. Being super close to the Orchard Rd shopping strip, its location already had me hooked, but the hotel’s minimal aesthetic really sealed the deal.

Lloyd's Inn Review Lloyd's Inn ReviewLloyd's Inn Review

The Hotel

When hotels market themselves as luxurious, it’s often a mixed bag and doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be modern, which is what usually appeals to me most. So recently I’ve been trying to stick to contemporary boutique hotels, which is where Lloyd’s Inn comes in. Its simple grey, white and black colour scheme was much more up my alley. Walking into the lobby late in the evening, I was immediately impressed by the interiors. The white walls are left mostly unadorned except for a giant map of the hotel’s surrounds, which acts as a feature piece placed directly across from the reception desk. Kinfolk and Design Anthology magazines are on display in the lobby as well; a telling signal of the hotel’s focus on good design. The raw, almost industrial feel to the building is offset by the surrounding greenery that can also be found in spots throughout.

Lloyd's Inn Review Lloyd's Inn Review

The staff were super friendly and check in was swift, which was highly appreciated since my girlfriend and I had just jumped off a flight and hadn’t had dinner yet. A short wander up the road and around the corner took us to Killiney Road where we found a fair selection of eateries. Thankfully some of them were still open at 10pm, which is when we were there.

The next day is when we were truly able to take advantage of the hotel’s location. After a short stroll up to Orchard Road we spent the day meandering from store to store. There’s thousands of shops spread amongst multiple buildings and the offering is vast – think everything from Uniqlo and Cos to upmarket designer boutiques.

Lloyd's Inn ReviewLloyd's Inn ReviewLloyd's Inn ReviewThe minimalism of Lloyd’s Inn extends further than just its decor and design. Offerings beyond basic accommodation are kept simple, with no in-house restaurant or bar. What they have instead is an outdoor breakfast area with a small kitchenette and communal pantry. There’s also a rooftop terrace space, garden deck and dipping pool, all of which offer a nice retreat from the bustle of the city. The garden especially is a beautiful, luscious spot providing a nice contrast to the concrete property. Unfortunately since we were only in the city for a day, we didn’t get to spend as much time enjoying the garden as we would have on a longer stay.

The Room

Lloyd’s Inn offers eight different room types. We stayed in the business room, which has an interesting loft-style design. Upon entering the room, you’re greeted by a cosy space that has a decidedly raw feel to it. Again, the hotel’s minimalist approach is evident here, with bare walls and minimal furnishings, all has a very obvious sense of style.

Lloyd's Inn ReviewLloyd's Inn Review Lloyd's Inn Review

I really enjoyed some of the more unique aspects of the room, like the wooden staircase leading up to the comfortable and spacious bed – a good way of maximising space in the room. Another interesting way the hotel made best use of available space was by not having a typical bathroom. Instead, the shower was to be found outside. Slightly daunting at first, but after you get used to it, showering outside actually becomes pretty enjoyable in the fresh air!

Lloyd's Inn ReviewLloyd's Inn ReviewLloyd's Inn Review

Our business room was quite small and I would recommend it for exactly what the name suggests – a business trip. Though it was fine for the short period we were there, it might be a bit too tight for any more than a couple of days, depending on whether you’re travelling with a partner and how much time you spend in your room. Lloyd’s Inn also has larger rooms available if you’re after a bit more space.

Lloyd's Inn Review

The Wrap-Up – Lloyd’s Inn Review

It’s not pristine, nor is it luxurious, but Lloyds Inn isn’t trying to be either of those things. It’s a modern, functional and affordable accommodation option for visitors to Singapore who are looking for an alternative to stale hotel chains with hundreds of rooms. Its welcoming and warm atmosphere, great location and interesting design make it a good option to consider next time you’re in the city.

For more info head to lloydsinn.com

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