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Making an effort when it comes to the way you look, dress and generally present yourself to the world is more than just something you should do to appease others. When you truly take pride in your appearance, it can change your entire mindset. With pride comes confidence, and with confidence comes new opportunities and experiences. This is why wearing a made to measure suit, as opposed to one off the rack, is important. Whether you’re wearing a suit daily for work or only a few times a year for special occasions, if it doesn’t fit you properly, it can make you look sloppy and unkempt. On the other hand, having a suit that’s made exactly for your body shape and size can make you look and, more importantly, feel like a million bucks. Enter Midnight Tailor, a roaming made to measure suit service created by Miles Wharton, the man behind The Bespoke Corner and Men’s Fashion Blogger, and his business partner, Rami Mikhael.

Made to Measure

As experts in the suiting industry, Miles and Rami launched Midnight Tailor with the aim of educating Australian men about the importance of a well-fitted and made suit. They couldn’t have made it a more convenient service to use either. As a customer, after you’ve made an appointment with them your job is essentially done. They operate 24/7, and their experienced tailors travel around Sydney and Melbourne to meet customers at their offices – how’s that for convenience! During the appointment, your full body measurements are taken and you spend time discussing what you need out of your suit, what kind of style you prefer, as well as which fabrics you like. After the bespoke suit is made, you have a final fitting to ensure it’s the perfect fit, and you get free alterations if required.

Made to Measure Made to Measure

While this all sounds well and good, what exactly are the benefits of taking the time to go through this process instead of just picking an already made suit off the rack? Simply put, not many sales assistants in stores are going to ask you the right kind of questions to ascertain exactly what you want out of your suit. Midnight Tailor takes the time to understand your needs and personality and with their expertise craft something you’re truly happy to both invest in and wear. In addition to being fitted during the appointment, they also encourage customers to take advantage of the process by injecting their personality into the suit, “whether that means [their] choice of lining or style options… including buttons, monogram, lapels, pockets etc.”

Made to MeasureMade to Measure

High-quality construction and fabrics are also guaranteed from Midnight Tailor. They suggest a good suit should have a lifespan of five years plus, granted you look after it properly. “The key is not to over dry clean your suit – this will improve the longevity.” Midnight Tailor use only premium Italian fabrics and reputable makers to craft their bespoke suits, so you can expect years of wear from them, especially by following their expert tip.

Made to MeasureMade to Measure

If you’re after a suit for all occasions, the Midnight Tailor team recommend going for “a dark navy two piece suit with a notch lapel, which is lined for versatility.” To round out your perfect fit and custom suit, think of a few main accessories, such as a nice watch, pocket square, tie and good quality shoes.

Midnight Tailor’s expertise, convenient service and competitive pricing structure make this new Australian offering an ideal alternative to pedestrian, off the rack garments. Prices start at $850 for full made to measure with half canvas. With personalised styling advice and a perfectly fitted suit, you’ll be exuding pride and confidence.

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