Jacopo Dondi
Jacopo Dondi

Introducing A 24 Hour Analogue Watch To The Modern World | Jacopo Dondi

Jacopo de’ Dondi was an Italian doctor, astronomer and clock-maker in the 13th and 14th century. The man was responsible for designing and building one of the first clocks in the world, in Padua, Italy. Quite different to the clocks we’re used to seeing today, Jacopo’s actually had a 24-hour dial. The use of 24-hour time was the dominant way of telling time for centuries and although it’s still fairly prevalent today, not so much when it comes to analogue wristwatches. While we’re all very much used to the modern standard of having a 12-hour dial, a small team from Perth have created a line of watches that are seeing a return of the 24-hour dial. Named after the man himself, Jacopo Dondi has launched on Kickstarter to bring the style back into the modern era.

Jacopo Dondi | 24 Hour Watch Kickstarter Jacopo Dondi | 24 Hour Watch Kickstarter

From the outset, Jacopo Dondi watches have a classic aesthetic. A well-sized 42mm face, in either black or white, is flanked by quality leather or silicone straps. These are interchangeable, granting the wearer versatility. Look closely and you’ll see where the brand’s watches differ from the norm. Numbers 1-24 line the outside of the dial and a single hand makes its way around over the course of one full day. It’s a fairly intuitive way of telling the time and doesn’t take too long to get used to. The decent sized dial means the numbers don’t clutter the face, which is left bare apart from the brand name positioned in the upper half.

Jacopo Dondi | 24 Hour Watch KickstarterJacopo Dondi | 24 Hour Watch Kickstarter

An interesting and deliberate design element of the watch was to place the midday point at the top of the dial, where normally it would be found at the bottom. This was done in order to create a subtle psychological and uplifting effect on the wearer. The watch’s ability to be used as a compass as well as a time-telling piece makes it quite utilitarian, plus it features 5ATM water resistance and Swiss-made movements.

Jacopo Dondi | 24 Hour Watch Kickstarter

Jacopo Dondi watches are a great option if you’re after a minimal and classic watch with a unique point of difference. Being well-made with quality movements and materials, they’re an ideal alternative style of timepiece.

For more info check out Jacopo Dondi on Kickstarter

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