gentSac Galeries
gentSac Galeries

gentSac Store Opens In The Galeries, Sydney

The world of men’s grooming can be a nightmare to navigate at the best of times. With so many brands spruiking so many different types of products, it’s enough to turn anyone off the idea of forming an effective grooming routine. Luckily there’s a local company who set out to solve the problem of navigating the convoluted market. Thanks to gentSac, it’s never been easier to sort the good from the bad and find products that work for you.

gentSac Galeries gentSac GaleriesgentSac GaleriesgentSac Galeries

If you haven’t already heard of gentSac, they’re basically a men’s grooming and essentials subscription service. They offer different ‘sacs’, which carry a curated selection of products from some of the world’s top skin and haircare brands. The different sacs cater to different needs, or you can choose to create your own. One of the best parts of the gentSac concept is that it operates as an automatic subscription service, meaning you don’t have to worry about running out of product before getting a chance to buy more. Your new sack arrives at your door automatically at an interval of your choosing, so there’s no need to resort to using your girlfriend’s shampoo in an emergency.

gentSac Galeries gentSac Galeries gentSac Galeries

gentSac recently extended their online offering into a physical storefront on the ground floor of Sydney’s The Galeries building. We had the chance to attend the launch of the company’s first permanent popup and were delighted by the enjoyable in-store experience. With knowledgable staff on hand to guide you if needed, you can peruse the different curated bundles, build your own or just pick up one or two individual products. Surrounded by a selection of other premium men’s retailers and in the heart of the city, the store’s location is second to none.

gentSac Galeries gentSac Galeries gentSac Galeries

While at the launch we couldn’t help but put together our own gentSac; replenishing some essentials as well as including some new products we wanted to try too. Check out our selection:

Check out gentSac’s curated subscriptions here.

For more info head to gentsac.com.au or visit The Galeries – Ground Floor, 500 George Street, Sydney.

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