Establishment Hotel Merivale

Establishment Hotel – Stay in, Go Out

Is it just me or has some of winter 2016 been annoyingly cold compared to the ones in the past? One of the worst things about winter is how content one can be, staying indoors and not wanting to go out. Heading straight from work to home and turning down invitations to hit the bar is not uncommon.

Have no fear, we have found a great way to solve this problem. Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too, or sushi, or dim-sum, you get the picture. “But how?”, you exclaim. “The Establishment Hotel“, I proclaim. We were invited to experience this for our-very-selves this week.

Establishment Hotel Merivale

The Establishment Hotel is a boutique hotel right in the heart of the Sydney CBD. Owned and run by the Merivale group, you know it’s going to be good, much like most of their food and beverage venues. So how would this cosy night in, going out, look like?

Start with checking into the Establishment Hotel and taking a quick shower to freshen up. Head down to the Establishment Bar for a quick beer while you wait for the rest of your friends to arrive. Once the group is ready, head up to the Hemmesphere lounge and order from one of the many juicy pre-dinner cocktails. Feeling peckish by this time, no problem, there’s a full Sushi-e menu available. Want something warmer? Just take the elevator down to Mr Wong for some hot dim-sum to line the stomach for the adventures to come. After dinner, enjoy an Old Fashioned or one of Sydney’s best Espresso Martinis at Palmer & Co, just in the basement of the building. Always drink responsibly but since there’s no need to drive home as it’s just an elevator ride away, drink away.

Establishment HotelSushi-e Restaurant Establishment Hotel Sushi-e Restaurant Establishment Hotel

As the night draws to a close, soak away the day’s stress in the bathtub with whoever you’re staying with… or just met. I think I’ll just leave it here. And that’s how you spend a night in, going out, without having to even leave the building. My work is done, you’re welcome.

Establishment Hotel Merivale
Establishment Hotel
Establishment Hotel Merivale
Establishment Hotel

The next morning, just cruise down to the Establishment Garden for a nice breakfast before heading into work or to kick-start the weekend.

Establishment Hotel Establishment Hotel Establishment Hotel

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