Carbon Wallets
Carbon Wallets

Sleek, Functional & RFID Protected Carbon Wallets From Melbourne

With great modern convenience can also come some super annoying downfalls. Your payWave enabled credit card may save you time at the checkout but it also makes it easier for other people to steal your details. All it takes is a simple tap against your wallet with the right device and you’d be none the wiser – that is until you get your bank statement. Different wallet manufacturers have created products that have RFID protection (that’s the technology that enables the tap and go feature), but very few of them actually look nice. Now there’s an option to have a sleek, minimal and high quality wallet that also offers RFID protection; Carbon Wallets.

Carbon WalletsCarbon Wallets

Based in Melbourne, the brand is the brainchild of three likeminded cousins, Jeremy, Armando and Darren. Wanting to redefine the everyday carry category of men’s accessories, the founders drew on their passions for premium leather, modern design and carbon fibre, to create Carbon Wallets. After a lot of research into quality materials and what consumers actually want, the result is this range of well-designed wallets to cater to many different tastes.

Carbon Wallets

Each of the five products offer different functions and levels of capacity, so it’s easy to find a wallet to suit your needs. If you’re the kind of guy who’d rather keep your carry to the very minimum, Carbon Wallets’ Slimline Card Case would be right up your alley. With four card slots and a zip compartment, this is the ultimate lightweight, minimal wallet. For those who want to streamline all their accessories into one, The Avant is ideal. With a compartment to comfortably fit your phone, it also has enough room for up to seven cards and cash.

Carbon Wallets

All Carbon Wallets take a great deal of design influence from the aesthetic of carbon fibre. Subsequently they have a really sleek and masculine look. This is complemented by the high quality matte leather construction and reinforced stitching, making them durable and built to last. The RFID protection comes in the form of an inner film layer nestled between the fabrics. The thin film reflects signals being transmitted towards your wallet, leaving you confident in the knowledge that your card details are safe.

Check out the full collection from Carbon Wallets on Indiegogo

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