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8 Accessories To Take Your Desk To The Next Level

When you spend around 40 hours a week sitting in the same spot, you’d want to make sure that area looks as good as it can. That’s why we’ve found some office essentials that are functional as well as easy on the eyes. Read on to see our pick of desk accessories to take your work space to the next level…


H. Skjalm P. – Tall Table Lamp

Give your desk a touch of premium Danish design with H. Skjalm P’s Tall Table Lamp. The black stand with brass detailing will go nicely with any office design scheme, plus being quite minimal means you can keep it as a subtle piece on your desk or allow it to be the standout feature.Desk AccessoriesBuy: Designstuff 


Flyte – Lyfe Planter

Having a Lyfe Planter from Flyte on your desk will make you the envy of all your colleagues. The sleek geometric planter essentially levitates above an oak block, rotating as it goes. Keeping a plant on your desk is always a good idea but having a levitating plant will really take your desk to the next level.Desk AccessoriesBuy: Flyte 


Native Union – Night Cable

Native Union’s Night Cable is a three metre long charging cable that has a weighted knot on one end. This ensures that it doesn’t slither off your desk when it’s not connected to your phone. The cable’s extra length is also ideal if you’re not located near many power outlets, plus it’s made from a durable nylon so it’ll stay in good shape for years. Desk AccessoriesBuy: Rushfaster


UO – Concrete Jungle Bookend

A multifunctional product is a great help space is at a premium on your desk. This small concrete piece from Urban Outfitters doubles as a bookend and storage for pens, pencils or other miscellaneous stationary you have. As a bonus, you can also use it as a mini planter for a bit of greenery in the office.Desk AccessoriesBuy: Urban Outfitters


Grovemade – Maple Keyboard Wrist Pad

An ergonomic desk solution that also looks really nice too. Grovemade’s Maple Keyboard Wrist Pad will help to prevent your hands from aching after typing away all day. A panel of vegetable tanned leather sits upon rubber cushioning in a sturdy maple border to keep your wrists elevated and comfortable as you work.Desk AccessoriesBuy: Grovemade


Yield Design Co. – Geo Photo Holder

An ideal way of adding a personal touch to your desk, Yield Design Co.’s Geo Photo Holders look sleek and can be used as paper weights too. Use them to display your favourite photos or cards or simply as minimal decoration pieces for a hint of luxury in your office.Desk AccessoriesBuy: Hunting For George


Moleskine – Evernote Notebook

This collaboration between Moleskine and Evernote is any super organised person’s dream. The notebook allows you to jot down notes onto the faintly dotted pages, organise it with Evernote-ready smart stickers, then digitise it all directly into the Evernote app. That means it’s simple to refer to when you need it, plus it’s really easy to share and manage your work too.Desk AccessoriesBuy: Rushfaster


The Artifox – Desk 01 Maple

Take your desk itself to the next level with The Artifox’s modern and minimal design. The entirely functional desk features a built in dock to keep your phone and tablet in, a storage cabinet to keep cables and cords hidden as well as a removable writing surface so you can brainstorm ideas straight onto the desk. All this is made from solid maple hardwood and aircraft grade aluminium hardware so you’ll have it for many years to come.Desk AccessoriesBuy: The Artifox

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