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A Good Night’s Sleep With The Jersey Company

There are few things more enticing in winter than the thought of jumping into your warm bed after a long day at work and nothing more important than getting a good night’s sleep. Now Australian brand, The Jersey Company, have made it even more alluring and easy to get some rest because of their debut collection of 100% natural cotton jersey bedding. The company was started by graphic designer Eve Quigley, who searched high and low to replace a beloved set of jersey cotton sheets she had bought 10 years ago. When she couldn’t find anything as good, she made her own, and the concept of The Jersey Company’s T-SHEET was born.

The Jersey Company The Jersey Company

Think about why you keep going back to your favourite t-shirt, even though it’s pretty old and you’ve got a bunch of others you could be wearing too. It’s probably really soft and fits you just right. That’s the premise behind The Jersey Company’s bedding too. Their T-SHEETs are created to give you the feeling of slipping into your favourite tee. They’re made from the same material as your most comfortable t-shirts so they’re soft, stretchy and a dream to sleep in. Being 100% natural cotton makes them breathable too and a good choice to keep on your bed year-round, as they keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. The cotton jersey is ideal if you’re time poor since you won’t need to spend time ironing the sheets out, plus being completely natural means your skin won’t get irritated by them if it’s sensitive.

The Jersey Company

The Jersey Company’s range includes everything you need to create the ultimate cosy bedding situation, including fitted and flat sheets, quilt covers and pillow cases. They come in four colourways to suit any bedroom; Natural White, Ice Grey, Mushroom and Azure Blue. It’s also easy to mix and match the colours to your taste. If you’re up for a bit more guidance though, they’ve created a few different looks and you can shop them as a bundle.

The Jersey CompanyThe Jersey Company

Getting enough hours of good quality sleep is vital to our daily functioning, so you’d want to make sure your bed is conducive to getting a proper rest. Sleeping in an environment where it’s easy to get comfortable is part of that and The Jersey Company’s T-SHEET bedding makes it simple.

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