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All the way over here in Australia, it can often be pretty difficult to have local access to certain international brands. Online shopping has of course expanded our options greatly, but exorbitant shipping costs, long delivery times and parcels getting lost in translation are still things you can occasionally run into when buying online from overseas retailers. It’s very fortunate for us then, when there are shops like Lucky Cat who offer some of our most sought after international brands right here in Australia.

Lucky Cat are based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and their online store ships throughout Australia and New Zealand. Their range of products is quite wide and they carry brands who are pretty difficult to find here otherwise. Boasting the largest collection of Raen, CLAE, Poler Stuff and Native Shoes in Australia, Lucky Cat have their aesthetic down pat.

Lucky Cat StoreLucky Cat StoreLucky Cat StoreLucky Cat StoreLucky Cat StoreLucky Cat StoreLucky Cat StoreLucky Cat StoreLucky Cat Store Lucky Cat StoreLucky Cat StoreLucky Cat Store


This California-based brand pairs classic designs with superior quality materials to create a range of modern and unique sunglasses. Produced by hand from sheets of zyl acetate, all Raen glasses meet high standards not seen in many other eyewear brands. Endless thought has gone into the details of each pair of Raen glasses, with the designers determining the best ways to make the products truly timeless. These include such features as wirecore and hinges embedded into the temples of the glasses, ensuring they fit perfectly to your face over time. Furthermore, the colour brightness in each frame is sustained over the life of the glasses because the colours are embedded into the material, as opposed to being sprayed over. This also prevents the colour from peeling and means your glasses will look new year beyond year.

Shop Raen at Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat Store Lucky Cat Store Lucky Cat Store


Since their inception in 2001, CLAE have continued to create collections of innovative and well-designed men’s footwear for everyday wear. Their versatile ranges are designed to take you from day to night easily and without breaking a sweat. The brand’s use of premium leathers and materials combined with the simple, classic silhouettes make them truly timeless. They’ll be worn for years to come.

Styles like the signature Ellington come in different finishes, materials and colourways, offering customers a wider choice to suit their style. Lucky Cat stock the largest collection of CLAE footwear in Australia, so finding your favourite pair locally is no hassle.

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Lucky Cat Store Lucky Cat Store

Poler Stuff

One of our go-to brands when there’s a weekend camping trip ahead, America’s Poler Stuff has all things outdoors covered. The brand design and create everything you would need for adventures in the great outdoors from tents to headlamps and their unique Napsack. When you’re camping, having products that give you multiple uses is invaluable because it means you can carry less. Poler’s Napsack is the ultimate everything-in-one; transforming from sleeping bag to super cosy outerwear with just a few zippers.

Poler Stuff also successfully bridge the gap between outdoor lifestyle gear and everyday city wear too. Lucky Cat’s range of Poler is broad and includes their daily wear gear like t-shirts, chino shorts and caps.

Shop Poler Stuff at Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat Store Lucky Cat StoreLucky Cat Store Lucky Cat Store

Native Shoes

Vancouver-based Native Shoes seek to create footwear that is iconic with classic silhouettes and modern technology. Their designs are certainly unique, with the end results being ultra lightweight and comfortable sneakers, ideal for daily wear. Being made from high quality synthetic materials makes the innovative shoes durable and able to be worn in various environments. One of our favourite styles is the Apollo Moc XL, which features a Microfibre upper with unique laser etched perforations. They’re a slip on style, so like the rest of the Native Shoes range (of which Lucky Cat have the largest selection in the country) they’re made to throw on easily for an active lifestyle.

Shop Native Shoes at Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat StoreLucky Cat Native ShoesLucky Cat Store

To check out more from these brands and others, visit: 

1 Waratah St, Mona Vale or luckycat.com.au.

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