Big Hotel Singapore Review
Big Hotel Singapore Review

BIG Hotel Singapore Review | In The Heart Of The City

As a stopover on the way to the Maldives from Sydney, I recently found myself in Singapore for a night. It was only a fleeting visit as I’d arrived in the evening and had to catch a flight early the next morning, but rather than stay at a hotel at Changi Airport, I decided to make my way into the city to stay at BIG Hotel. When looking into hotels before the trip, I was drawn in by the concrete and wooden room styling that the hotel had to offer, plus its central location seemed like it would be really convenient, situated not far from Orchard Road. The taxi took about 20 minutes to get there from the airport, and having stepped off the flight right around dinner time, I knew my decision to stay in town was validated. An entire city of restaurants to choose from awaited me right at the hotel’s door step and I couldn’t wait to tuck in. Big Hotel Singapore ReviewBig Hotel Singapore ReviewBig Hotel Singapore Review

Before I got stuck into the city’s many culinary options though, I checked into the hotel. Walking into the lobby of BIG Hotel, you’re greeted with a modern yet homely space that’s set slightly below street level, accessed via a curved black marble staircase or elevator. There was furniture arranged in a living room style set up, which gave the hotel entrance a really unique character and added to its homely feel. It would be a good place to meet and chat with fellow travellers, or to spend some time in to plan out your day if you have more time in the city than I did. Checking in was super quick and I was up to my room in no time.

Big Hotel Singapore Review Big Hotel Singapore Review

Although you’d be mistaken if you thought BIG Hotel derived their name from the size of their rooms, the BIGSTAR Suite I stayed in was actually decently sized. The room’s large bed sits upon a wooden platform with a matching wooden desk running along one wall. The desk doubles as a workspace as well as a coffee station, with a compact Nespresso machine and capsules on offer for a convenient pick me up if you need one.

Big Hotel Singapore Review Big Hotel Singapore Review Big Hotel Singapore ReviewBig Hotel Singapore Review

The wooden furnishings were a nice contrast against the industrial grey walls in the room. The design is firmly modern and minimalist but it remains welcoming, thanks to small details like the indoor plant on the desk and the warm lighting. One of the walls was lined with large windows overlooking the surrounding area which made the room feel larger and more open. The bathroom was split into two spaces; one with the shower and the other with the toilet, basin and mirror. The shower head was large, which was a welcome indulgence, especially after the flight.

Big Hotel Singapore Review Big Hotel Singapore Review Big Hotel Singapore Review

Although the room wasn’t luxurious, it had a very functional appeal to it. You could tell a lot of thought had gone into the design and that was something I really appreciated. It was easy to see that space was maximised as best it could be to create a room and experience that guests can feel truly comfortable in during their stay.

BIG Hotel is a great option if you’re keen to shop and eat your way through Singapore and is ideal as a pleasant and affordable base camp in the city for a few days.

For more info head to bighotel.com.

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