Asket Pique Polo
Asket Pique Polo

Asket Introduces The Pique Polo

Adding to their highly refined range of quality mens basics, Asket have just released their latest item; the Pique Polo. Unlike any polo you’ve ever owned, the Swedish label have stuck to their mantra of being “Essentially Different” to create a product that redefines how clothes should be made, how much they should cost and above all, how they should fit.

Asket Pique PoloAsket Pique Polo

Asket work quite differently to other brands. They stock an unusually comprehensive range of sizes of each of their items, in fact each piece is available in 15 sizes due to different length options. This gives men who don’t quite fit into standard sizing the opportunity to wear well-fitted clothes without needing to have them tailored. Have you always worn size large t-shirts because they fit you well across the shoulders, but found they were just too long? Asket’s large-regular or large-short might just be ideal for you.

Asket Pique Polo

The Pique Polo is the latest addition to Asket’s existing range of the basic crewneck t-shirt and Oxford shirt. It’s made from 100% Egyptian cotton; slightly heavier than traditional polos but premium and really luxurious. The pique knit of the fabric adds comfort and durability to the piece. Mother of Pearl buttons round out the look and it’s available in four basic colourways; white, grey melange, dark navy and black.

Asket Pique Polo

Rather than coming out with a new range every season, Asket instead work on crafting and refining their permanent line of wardrobe essentials; timeless products that will get years of use as opposed to a mere few months worth. It’s the antithesis of fast fashion and in a world becoming more conscious of sustainability and environmental issues, it’s certainly very welcome. With a few more fashion staples in the pipeline, including a merino sweater and a cashmere sweater, now is definitely the time to be Essentially Different with Asket.

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