Montauk Style Linen
Montauk Style Linen

Sleep In Total Comfort With Montauk Style Pure Linen Bedding

We humans spend a lot of time sleeping – a third of our lives in fact, so you want to make sure all that time is spent in total comfort. Montauk Style is a company who make 100% pure linen bedding and want to ensure that part of everyone’s lives can indeed be as comfortable as it should be.Montauk Style Linen Montauk Style LinenMontauk Style was launched by Martyn Feller, a man who’s travelled a lot for work and spent far too many nights between uncomfortable bed sheets in hotels. One night when he was staying in a cottage on Montauk Beach in The Hamptons, he slept on pure linen bedding and realised he could never go back to normal sheets again.Montauk Style LinenMontauk Style LinenMontauk Style uses the purest Flax fibre from Normandy, France to create their premium bedding which includes sheets, pillow cases and quilt covers. The minimalist designs are very appealing and complement pretty much all bedrooms. They’ve recently launched their Linen For Lads campaign where guys can pick up a sheet or quilt set, or both, in the sleek Volcanic Ash, Milkcloud White and Atlantic colourways. They come in a useful mid-size duffel which is ideal as a gym or weekend bag.Montauk Style LinenMontauk Style LinenIf you haven’t experienced pure linen bedding before, you’re missing out. Everyone loves that feeling of diving into fresh sheets, right? Well having pure linen bedding is like having that feeling every time you get into bed. They differ from cotton in a couple of ways – for one, pure linen is more breathable because of the long fibres in the fabric, which makes them the best at heat conductivity. That means it can lower your skin temperature so you won’t feel stuffy and sweaty after a while, and the fabric remains feeling fresh and cool on your skin.Montauk Style LinenMontauk Style LinenEveryone loses a bit of moisture from their skin during sleep which can take quite a bit of time to evaporate from regular sheets and this translates to the sheets feeling damper for longer. Pure linen sheets, on the other hand can gain up to 20% of its dry weight in moisture before it starts to feel damp, leaving you dry, comfortable and feeling fresh in the morning. On top of all that, linen is super durable and better yet, it actually feels softer over time.

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