Minimalist Bike Helmets
Minimalist Bike Helmets

Minimalist Bike Helmets For Urban Riding | Lazer Armor

If you’re a keen urban cyclist with an eye for good design, there might be a few areas of your bike riding which are letting you down. Hopefully they’re no longer the bike bell or the bike itself, which you should be getting totally customised to your taste. We’re talking helmets, which are generally not the nicest looking things, but depending on which part of the world you live in you legally have to wear one when you’re riding. Thankfully Lazer have heard our cry for a sleek and minimalist bike helmet and have created just that.

Minimalist Bike Helmets Minimalist Bike Helmets

The helmets come in a range of different colours, but our picks are either the matte black or white which we think look the best with the simple, rounded shape. Above all else, you obviously want your helmet to actually protect your head, and a design which favours form over function won’t do you much good if you happen to fall off your bike. The Lazer Armor helmets feature in-mould construction which passes all impact tests meaning you’ll be kept well protected should anything happen. They’re also super light, weighing in at only 275 grams, so there’s a good chance you’ll actually forget you’re wearing it. Just remember to take it off once you get off your bike!

Minimalist Bike Helmets Minimalist Bike Helmets

Lazer Armor helmets also feature some exhaust vents to get rid of the hot air from inside so you’ll feel the breeze when riding. They’re the perfect way to round out your city biking look without sacrificing safety.

Check out the range at Pushys.com.au.

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