Cool Bedroom Furniture & Homewares For Men
Cool Bedroom Furniture & Homewares For Men

Interior Refresh: Furniture & Homewares For Your Bedroom

If your room has been feeling a bit stale lately, it’s probably about time to mix it up and give it an interior refresh. Adding a few new, sleek pieces here and there is easy so we’ve rounded up some cool bedroom furniture and homewares to get you started…


The Jersey Company – Jersey Cotton BeddingCool Bedroom Furniture & Homewares For Men

The Jersey Company’s cotton bedding is made out of the same material as your comfy t-shirts, meaning they’re super soft and easy to take care of. They come in some nice neutral colours which are great to mix and match for added dimension on your bed. We’ve lined up an exclusive 20% off all pre-order purchases with the code ‘DEBUT20’ until May 20th.

Buy: The Jersey Company


Armadillo & Co. – Safari Weave RugCool Bedroom Furniture & Homewares For Men

This minimal rug with a classic herringbone pattern is ideal for adding a bit of warmth to your room if you have floorboards, or for creating a bit of depth and dimension to your carpeted floors.

Buy: Hunting For George


JD.Lee Furniture – Timber Plant StandCool Bedroom Furniture & Homewares For Men

Indoor plants are always a good idea. Breathe some new life into your room with this cool collaboration between JD.Lee Furniture and Domus Botanica. It’s a simple design but will have a big impact in your space.

Buy: JD.Lee Furniture


Flyte – Levitating LightCool Bedroom Furniture & Homewares For Men

This lamp looks like a magic trick and it’ll be sure to impress anyone who visits your bedroom. The light bulb floats in the air using magnets and turns on and off by a simple touch of the base it hovers above. Magic!

Buy: Flyte


Rear View Prints –  Italian PrintCool Bedroom Furniture & Homewares For Men

Adding some art to your walls is an easy way to give your room a refresh and if you’re a car lover this one is for you. Show your love of these classics with this minimal print. Get 15% off Rear View Prints with the code “dapperprints”.

Buy: Rear View Prints


HAY – About A ChairCool Bedroom Furniture & Homewares For Men

Having a chair in your room can be a bit of a risk sometimes because there’s a good chance you’ll end up using it as a second wardrobe. You won’t want to cover this HAY one with discarded clothes though – it’s far too nice looking to do that.

Buy: HAY / Cult Design


Miss Glass Home – Clothes Airer #3Cool Bedroom Furniture & Homewares For Men

This nifty piece strikes the perfect balance between being extremely functional and a sleek looking piece of furniture for your room. It’s great for hanging clothes, jackets or umbrellas off and you can throw your towels and linens on it to dry too.

Buy: Design Stuff


Nomi – Chevron ShelfCool Bedroom Furniture & Homewares For Men

An awesome unique shelving unit which you can use to store magazines, books or whatever else you need storing or out on display. The modular design means you can stack them up too, or simply leave it as a single for taller items.

Buy: Nomi


Provider Store – Japanese Stoneware CandleCool Bedroom Furniture & Homewares For Men

The stoneware jar that houses this candle is handmade in Japan. Its unique shape will look great sat upon any bedside table plus the cherry blossom scent when it’s burning will turn your room into the ultimate relaxation space.

Buy: Provider Store


Hunting For George – Oliver BedCool Bedroom Furniture & Homewares For Men

Go all out with your interior refresh and get a new bed frame to change things up. The simple Oliver Bed by Hunting For George in collaboration with Grazia & Co. makes for the perfect new start for your bedroom.

Buy: Hunting For George

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