Bellroy Carry Tips
Bellroy Carry Tips

Carry Better With Bellroy Carry Tips

When it comes to the art of perfecting and slimming down your everyday carry, Bellroy are the masters. Their Micro Sleeve is a godsend if you’re tired of carrying around a bulky wallet full of useless stuff you don’t need, and their new Phone Wallet has made our mornings so much easier by ensuring we don’t forget stuff when we run out the door. To make our lives way more efficient and light, Bellroy are sharing some life hacks on how to #carrybetter with their Carry Tips. Check them out below…

For Your Daily Carry…

Snap Your Receipts

Harness the power of your smart phone by taking photos of your receipts instead of lugging them around in your wallet. Apps like Evernote for example use text recognition so you can easily find whichever one you’re looking for. Photos should be fine when it comes to tax time too, but double check that one with your accountant first!Bellroy Carry Tips

Keep It Together

Get double the use out of the stuff you’re already carrying with you like your sunnies case. Use it to keep your earbuds, keys and other essentials together so you’ll always know where your smaller items are, plus the case offers more protection too.Bellroy Carry Tips

Reward Yourself

Get all the benefits of having loyalty cards without the hassle of carrying them around every day. Download an app like Sto Card where you can keep your cards on your smartphone and you won’t have to shuffle through the pile trying to find the right one again. Bellroy Carry Tips

For Your Phone…

SIM and Save

There’s nothing more annoying than coming home from a holiday to see your phone bill is higher than your airfare. The best way to stop that happening and still be able to use the internet and make calls is to get a local SIM card when you’re travelling. If you’re going to be country hopping, look into GO Sim and World Sim who have cards which work in up to 190 countries world wide. Bellroy Carry Tips

Dress Up, Slim Down

You don’t always need every single card you’re carrying, so give your wallet a break on nights you’re out by remembering to dress up and slim down. By that we mean carry your ID and a credit card in your phone case and slip some cash in there if you need it too.

Don’t Get Lost Offline

Free WiFi around different cities can be a bit hit and miss so take advantage of the good stuff while you’ve got it i.e the WiFi in your hotel. Before you head out it’s always a good idea to load a large part of the city on Google Maps. That way you won’t miss out on tracking down those hard to find restaurants and cafes when the internet connection is a bit sketchy around town.  Bellroy Carry Tips

For Your Travels…

Stop Stuffing, Start Rolling

Like most things in life, it’s about working smarter, not harder. Same rule applies to packing, kind of. Instead of stuffing or folding your clothes in, roll them up instead and you’ll have way more space. You can also utilise the space in your shoes to store socks, belts and toiletries too. Smart!Bellroy Carry Tips

Keep a Pen Handy

This is a little thing which will save you so much time at airports and other places you might need to fill in forms. Keep a small pen with your passport (all Bellroy Travel Wallets come with one) and you’ll be surprised at how handy it is. Bellroy Carry Tips

Carry a Decoy Wallet

Not everywhere you go in the world is going to be very safe. You might be heading to a place where pick-pocketing is not completely uncommon, which is when it’s a good idea to carry a cheap decoy wallet with you. Swindle the swindler as they make off with some smaller notes and cards you won’t miss while keeping the real stuff safe.

For Your Outdoor Adventures…

Dry Bag, Calm Mind

Spontaneous rainfall isn’t as exciting when you have to make sure your phone and other belongings aren’t getting soaked. Keep your essentials in a sealed bag out of the weather and be free to embrace the storm. Chuck in a pair of socks too, and you’ll thank yourself for it after a long day of hiking. Bellroy Carry Tips

Make a List, Slim Down

Spontaneity is often good when you’re on holiday, but there are times when it’s better to be organised. Before you start packing, make a list of what you need and ensure you stick to it. When you’re back, jot down what you didn’t end up using and it’ll make the next trip so much easier. Bellroy Carry Tips

First Aid, Not Band Aids

You’re not always going to be somewhere with easy access to basic first aid items. Instead of just grabbing any kit from the pharmacy, which are often high on bandaids and low on other essentials, learn how to build the perfect one. Carryology have a great guide on how to do this.

For more #carrytips like these, check out bellroy.com or follow @bellroycarrytips on Instagram.

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