BOLDR Journey Watch
BOLDR Journey Watch

BOLDR Journey Watch | Vintage Aviation Inspired Design

Designed for those who need a watch to do more than simply just look good on their wrist, the guys behind BOLDR Supply Company created one which is multi-functional and still looks super stylish. The BOLDR Journey watch was launched on Kickstarter this month and has already accrued mass support across the world, and it’s not hard to see why.BOLDR Journey Watch BOLDR Journey Watch

The watch is made for those with an adventurous spirit, so naturally it’s got a whole host of practical features that’ll go the distance, such as being made of Marine-grade stainless steel, having a durable box mineral glass lens and a premium calf leather strap. The BOLDR Journey also uses Seiko VK-64 Meca-Quartz Movement, which is a hybrid of quartz and mechanical movement, thereby combining the best of both technologies.

BOLDR Journey Watch BOLDR Journey Watch

The BOLDR Journey has a really interesting aesthetic; it’s inspired by a vintage aviation look – apparent in the numerals on the dial which were prevalent in aviation instruments in planes in the 30s and 50s. The domed glass lens also adds to the vintage look of the watch, and it’s not really something you see in many other designs these days. It highlights the watch face, making it a lot easier to read the time with a glance, plus it also scatters light on the face, giving it a soft and even tone. The hands of the watch feature Lume, making it ideal if you’re out adventuring after dark.

BOLDR Journey Watch BOLDR Journey Watch

The Journey watch was designed to celebrate the first steps of a journey, whatever it may be. With that in mind, the BOLDR Supply Co. looked to Malaysian tattoo artist, Kevin Tan, to create a unique piece of art to feature on the caseback of each watch to represent first steps. Each design in the BOLDR line of watches will feature a custom piece of art, unique to what the pieces represent.

Check out the BOLDR Journey watch on Kickstarter

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