Sleek and Minimal Kitchen Products
Sleek and Minimal Kitchen Products

Sleek Products For Your Kitchen

Cooking can get to be a bit of a task every night and it’s not always fun to do. That doesn’t mean that your kitchen shouldn’t still look as cool as the rest of your place though. Check out some sleek and minimal kitchen products that will make even just cheese on toast look outstanding…


The Minimalist – White Terrazzo PlatterSleek and Minimal Kitchen Products

These modern speckled Terrazzo Platters are great, versatile pieces which you can use to present food on when guests come around, or simply keep it on your bench top or coffee table as decoration.

Buy: The Minimalist


Dowel Jones – Hurdle High StoolSleek and Minimal Kitchen Products

Stools can often be super uncomfortable to sit on, but the Hurdle High Stool is the total opposite thanks to the different levels of foot rests on each side of it. You can get it with either a matte black or white frame, and both have an American Oak seat which will look great against any kitchen counter or bar.

Buy: Hunting For George


HK Living – Mango PlateSleek and Minimal Kitchen Products

HK Living Mango Plates are totally unique and each one is different; stack them on top of each other and you’ll see how varied each is in shape and size. They’re made from mango wood which is a sustainable material and they’ll make a super interesting addition to your kitchen.

Buy: Design Twins


Fog Linen – Iron PotSleek and Minimal Kitchen Products

Having good quality kitchen equipment can make a huge difference in the end result of the food you cook. A really good pot / pan is something you should invest in and the highly durable Iron Pot by Fog Linen is a great choice. Look after it well and it’ll last you pretty much forever too.

Buy: Provider Store


Tactica – One Bottle OpenerSleek and Minimal Kitchen Products

A lightweight, simple tool to open bottles quickly and with ease is what everyone wants from a bottle opener, and that’s exactly what the Tactica One offers. Get ready to throw out your old openers because this is the only one you’ll need, or want, in your kitchen drawer or bar.

Buy: Rushfaster


Chilewich – Bamboo PlacematSleek and Minimal Kitchen Products

This is a neutral and minimal placemat which will suit a variety of different table settings. The bamboo adds a nice touch, and its simplicity and premium look make it ideal for both everyday use and special occasions.

Buy: Vincent Design


MENU – Sweeper and FunnelSleek and Minimal Kitchen Products

This stylish dustpan and broom set by MENU makes cleaning fun. Okay, maybe it won’t make it fun but at least you might not mind it quite so much. As functional as it is good-looking, the sweeper fits directly into the handle of the pan and the funnel shape makes it easy to get your waste into the bin.

Buy: Design Stuff


The Minimalist – Marble CheeseboardSleek and Minimal Kitchen Products

Perfect for presenting cheese and crackers on when you have guests over, or even just a super sleek chopping board that you’ll want to keep displayed on the kitchen bench. The Minimalist’s Marble Cheeseboards are all handmade and no two look the same thanks to the natural variances in the stone.

Buy: The Minimalist 


Yield Design Co – French PressSleek and Minimal Kitchen Products

Though French press is already one of the nicer looking ways of brewing coffee, there is always room for improvement. Enter Yield Design Co’s grey ceramic and copper French Press maker, which looks like the epitome of modern, clean design. Be rewarded for having one of these picture-perfect contraptions in your kitchen with a cup of delicious full-bodied coffee.

Buy: Hunting For George


Keep Resin – Cheese KnifeSleek and Minimal Kitchen Products

Cheese is notoriously annoying to cut, and we’ve all experienced that awkward moment of trying to hack some off a communal wheel at a party with a terrible knife to no avail. Keep one of these resin cheese knives handy for your next get together and cutting off a piece of the pecorino will be a breeze.

Buy: Design Twins


Provider – Wooden Knife + Fork SetSleek and Minimal Kitchen Products

These wooden knives and forks are handmade in Bangkok and would make for a great, unique alternative to the normal metal cutlery everyone has.

Buy: Provider Store 


Normann Copenhagen – Pocket OrganiserSleek and Minimal Kitchen Products

These simple wall-mounted organisers are perfect for keeping kitchen utensils and cleaning stuff close to hand and ready to use when you need them. They come in four different sizes so you can mix it up a bit too.

Buy: Design Stuff

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