Singapore Stopover Holiday

Make the most of your trip with Singapore Airlines

As exciting as it is to go overseas, everyone dreads a long-haul flight. From Sydney to London, you’re looking at 21 hours up in the air with an annoying layover that usually doesn’t give you enough time to do anything exciting and yet way too much time to do absolutely nothing.

But what if I told you that you don’t have to suffer and that you could even have a holiday-in-holiday experience for very little money. For anyone doing long-haul flights, having a proper overnight stopover will make the journey more bearable, regardless of whether you’re flying in the front, middle or tail end of the plane.

Begin with a Singapore Stopover Holiday

I recently found out about the Singapore Stopover Holiday (SSH) and had first hand experience of it courtesy of Singapore Airlines. It’s an option that you can select when booking your flights on Singapore Airlines that lets you stop over in Singapore for a few days. The stop-over package gives you accommodation at a hotel, airport transfers, unlimited rides on the SIA Hop-on-hop-off Bus, and access to over 20 attractions including the Singapore Flyer, 1-Altitude Bar and Universal Studios. In fact the total value of the SSH package comes to around S$669.

The Singapore Flyer is definitely one of the attractions worth visiting. It’s a giant Ferris wheel which stands 165 metres high above the ground, giving you the most stunning views over the city and beyond.

Singapore FlyerSingapore FlyerSingapore FlyerAnother attraction that you get access to with the SSH is the incredible Gardens By The Bay nature park, which spans a huge 101 hectares in the middle of the city. Whether you’re into rare flowers and plants or not, you’ll be in awe of the sheer magnitude and architectural grandeur of this place.

DSC01657DSC01700Singapore Stopover Holiday

And indulge a little

Another way to super boost your holiday is to book the forward trip in Premium Economy. Yes, it is more expensive than economy but you’ll thank yourself for it because you get to start the holiday with less stress and a bit of luxury.

The thing I usually look forward to the most when I’m flying somewhere is all the movies and shows I have the time to catch up on while up in the air. Premium Economy didn’t disappoint with this, and I found the massive 13.3 inch screen ideal for some binge-watching. Each seat also has its own personal reading lamp which is much nicer than only having overhead lights. You also get little things that make a big difference like two USB ports to charge your devices.

Singapore Airlines Premium Economy IMG_2918 IMG_2921P1000241On Singapore Airline’s Premium Economy class, you can “Book the Cook” before your flight, a feature that’s usually only available to Business and First class passengers. Unlike in economy where you can only choose between chicken or beef, booking the cook gives you a much wider variety of choices ranging from Seafood Thermidor on Saffron rice to Butter chicken and Jalfrezi Vegetables.

Singapore Airlines Premium EconomySingapore Airlines Premium Economy

Having said all that, the best thing of all is how much space you get. If you select a window seat, you would only be sitting next to one other person. I’m 172cm in height and my knees were pretty far away from the seat in front, the guy next to me was 182cm tall and even he didn’t have a problem with legroom. The seat pitch in Premium Economy is 38 inches, whereas economy is only 32 inches, and what that means is basically there’s way more space between the back of your seat, to the back of the seat in front of you. That essentially translates into more leg room and a nicer reclining experience too. The seats in Premium Economy are also wider so there’s more room for you to move around and get comfortable.

Singapore Airlines economy class does give you a nice experience but you deserve to upgrade yourself every now and then.

Singapore Airlines Economy

So let’s do the maths, say you’re heading to London in June just in time for their summer, your trip planning might go something like this… A one-way economy ticket from Sydney to London is $1,440 on Singapore Airlines. To fly premium economy, it’s $710 more at $2,150. However, the Singapore Stopover Holiday package gives you $669 worth of value for about $45. Minus that from the extra cost of Premium Economy and it’s only a $86 difference for a better ride, free airport transfers, hotel accommodation and tonnes of included attractions. The Singapore Stopover Holiday package starts from $45, you can choose from a variety of hotels which will impact the cost but that’s completely optional. Of course, all of the fares mentioned above will vary depending on the time and season of travel.

So next time you’re planning a trip, see if you can sneak in an extra holiday-in-holiday and much more comfort the smart way and without breaking the bank.

For more info check out singaporeair.com.

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