Taking the Plunge With Samsung Galaxy S7

If you’re in the market for a new phone at the moment and you’re undecided about whether you want to be an Android person or an iOS person, the Samsung Galaxy S7 might just sway you towards the former option. The latest in the brand’s flagship phone line has been out for about a month now, giving us ample time to try it out to see if it would be worth making the switch from our beloved iPhones.Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Worth It?

You could easily mistake the S7 for the Galaxy S6 which was released only last year since they’re fairly similar in design. The screen size for the newest remains at 5.1 inches and Samsung have retained the metal body of the S6 instead of reverting back to plastic, but it’s when you actually get your hands on it that you start to notice the differences. The S7 is slightly heavier which isn’t a huge problem at all, in fact it’s actually pretty good because it now accommodates a bigger battery. Another ‘under the hood’ difference between the two smartphones is that the S7 re-introduces an option for expandable memory. Much to pretty much everyones disappointment last year, it was announced that they had omitted this practical feature in favour of a sleeker design. While there are many features of the iPhone which are the envy of other smartphones, this was not one of them. Samsung apparently heard the cries of the people and to our delight have jumped back aboard the expandable memory train. Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Worth It? Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Worth It?

The battery is really one of the areas where the Galaxy S7 truly excels. I took it overseas with me recently and it used it for normal day-to-day activity, as well as using it to tether two other phones. Where this would normally drain battery as quick as anything, I actually found that the phone still had 30 – 40% of juice left at the end of the day. This left more than enough for me to be able to use it as a camera at night time, since I found it to be really great in low light situations. When comparing the same shot taken with the S7 and my iPhone 6 in a dimly lit restaurant, the Samsung definitely came out on top. In well lit shots the camera performed even better; I was able to snap pictures really quickly and they came out super clear, detailed and with highly saturated colours. All the below images were taken with the S7 and aren’t edited. You can see how impressive the clarity and colours are with the phone camera. The screen itself was also really bright and saturated which was ideal when I was outside during the day trying to navigate my way around a foreign city with Google Maps. Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Worth It? Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Worth It?

Samsung again uses their signature TouchWiz interface for the S7, though it’s a new version which is a bit sleeker than the older generations. This was a nice change since I was never a huge fan of the way TouchWiz looked. Speaking of looks, the gold phone which we got to try looks premium as hell! I’d be so reluctant to put a cover on it. It’s also water resistant which is a big bonus.  Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Worth It? Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Worth It?

When it comes down to it, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is an incredible phone with an excellent camera and exceptional battery life so if you’re already an Android user it’s pretty much a no-brainer of a decision. As someone who generally prefers iOS though, I do think that the S7 would be an ideal phone to make the transition to ‘the other side’ if you’re thinking about it. The updated TouchWiz plus the awesome features and hardware could be enough to convert any dedicated Apple user.

For more info check out samsung.com.

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