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Mr Hardy's

Grooming Made Easy With Mr Hardy’s

We love a good life hack here at Hey Gents. Anything that can make our days a bit easier and carefree is always welcome. So when the Australian men’s grooming store, Mr Hardy’s Gentlemen’s Emporium, announced they were starting an automatic replenishment service, we were pretty stoked.

The new service is called Mr Replenish and it means that you can choose to have your favourite products automatically sent to you every month or every six weeks, without you having to go and re-order every time. This is a lifesaver for those of us who always forget to buy a new bottle of shampoo before the old one runs out. Mr Replenish also means that sticking with good grooming habits is made a lot easier because you don’t have to think about it too much – everything you need is just automatically delivered straight to you.

Mr Hardy’s was established in 2014 by Ben and Fai, who both wanted to create a new and simple shopping experience for men. They wanted to present a variety of grooming options to suit different budgets and needs, but without the clutter and unnecessary extras that other shops offered. The store stocks a great range of brands and products for everything from hair care and skin care to shaving gear and leather goods. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve narrowed down a few of our favourites to get you on your way.

Fit SkincareMr Hardy's

This brand hails from the UK and combines natural ingredients with the latest scientific innovations to create their unique products. Their signature ingredient is OXY-FIT-10, which delivers additional oxygen to your skin and hair to assist in their natural regenerative process. Our top picks of Fit Skincare products are their Eye-Drate Serum plus the Moisturising Ultra Facial Serum.


Hunter LabMr Hardy's

A Melbourne based brand that will keep both your skin and your bathroom counter looking great. We love their Cleansing Facial Scrub which will cleanse and exfoliate your skin in one easy step. Hunter Lab also have a few different sets available which are always good gifting ideas or great to just grab for yourself if you want to try a few different products. The Hunter Essentials Gift Set is a great starting point for the brand.


Mr ElkMr Hardy's

Mr Elk make a wide range of mens leather wallets, accessories and toiletry bags. The Farun Men’s Wallet is made from soft aniline buffalo leather and is designed to mould and soften with each use. The Grafisk Men’s Toiletry Bag is also a good choice, being ideal for carrying your grooming essentials with you when travelling.

For more info, check out mrhardys.com.

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