Minimalist Watch From Melbourne
Minimalist Watch From Melbourne

iKi ‘A’ Series | A Minimalist Watch From Melbourne

Simplicity and minimalism is something that Japanese design is well known for. Stemming from both Buddhist and societal ideals, they really abide by the idea that generally less is more. There’s a Japanese aesthetic concept called ‘iki’ which essentially means something is stylish but not complicated; it’s straightforward and highly refined. With this in mind, a Melbourne based design studio, iKi, have created a simple and functional watch with these minimalist Japanese influences.

The iKi ‘A’ Series comes from a year of trialling different ideas to see what is and what isn’t needed in watch. The team wanted to completely start from scratch to re-imagine how a fully functional yet aesthetically simple watch should be. The end product is a totally clean looking timepiece which uses high quality materials so it’s able to put up with daily wear.

The ‘A’ Series comes in two basic colours; A01 and A02. A01 has a gunmetal casing, a stainless steel face dial and black leather strap. It strikes a nice balance between being a casual everyday watch and having a bit of a formal look to it, so you could feel comfortable wearing it in both situations. A02 has a rose gold casing, white face dial and brown leather strap. The rose gold gives it a nice contemporary look, and like the A01 you’d be able to wear it with almost anything and know it looks good.

A timeless look has to be accompanied by timeless quality which is what the ‘A’ Series offers. Genuine calfskin leather was chosen for the straps for maximum durability and comfort. The surgical grade stainless steel cases have a PVD coating which makes them resistant to rust and corrosion, while the sapphire crystal glass on the dial face ensures it doesn’t get scratched up. To further this, the iKi team will even test each individual watch on the production floor for quality assurance; making sure each piece is accurate and water resistant.

Check out the ‘A’ Series at Kickstarter. Read more about iKi Studio on Facebook and ikistudio.netMinimalist Watch From MelbourneMinimalist Watch From MelbourneMinimalist Watch From MelbourneMinimalist Watch From Melbourne

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