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Buccaneer Grooming

Buccaneer Grooming For Premium Beards

What do you do when you need a product but you can’t seem to find anything that quite meets your requirements? You go out and make your own of course! Or at least you do if you’re the bearded gents behind Buccaneer Grooming. 

In 2014 head Buccaneer Rhys Furner was on the hunt for some elusive treasure (organic facial hair grooming products), but was dismayed to see there wasn’t really anything out there at the time. He set sail to find the best quality natural ingredients he could then got to work creating Buccaneer Grooming’s signature beard oil and moustache wax. 

The beard oil, or ‘The Buc’, is crafted with a mix of premium nourishing and essential oils to keep beards looking healthy, feeling soft and to keep skin moisturised as well. It also helps to prevent ‘beardruff’, which is a thing, and exactly what it sounds like. Buccaneer Grooming’s other flagship product is their moustache wax which is made from a base of beeswax, lanolin and vitamin E, plus a careful mix of moisturising and essential oils. If you have a moustache and it doesn’t quite know which way it’s growing or what shape it wants to be, this wax is your secret weapon. Warm up a bit between your fingers then apply it to your whiskers in the direction you want them to go. The wax will make the hairs malleable so you can simply just keep them away from your mouth or train them to grow into a full-blown handlebar.

The signature scent used in both products is an enticing mix of lemongrass, peppermint and sandalwood; smoky and masculine yet really refreshing and uplifting. Everything is handmade in Brisbane in small batches to ensure a consistent and high quality standard across the board. Other beard-taming products in their range include a beard brush made with natural bristles, moustache scissors as well as a variety of different beard and moustache combs.

Beards aren’t going anywhere in a hurry, and people can tell if you actually look after yours or if you just let it grow wild and free. Buccaneer Grooming are on a mission to educate people that when men care for their beards, it can make a world of difference to how people perceive them. They’re showing everyone how it’s done and that a little can go a long way; whether it’s putting a couple of drops of oil through your beard so you don’t get the dreaded beardruff, or simply just running a well-made comb over your moustache.

For more info check out buccaneergrooming.com.Buccaneer Grooming Buccaneer Grooming Buccaneer Grooming Buccaneer Grooming Buccaneer Grooming Buccaneer Grooming Buccaneer Grooming

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