Asket Oxford Shirt
Asket Oxford Shirt

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There are a few things that every man needs in his wardrobe that will be timeless enough to be worn season after season, be at a high enough quality that they’ll last ages and that’ll come in handy for multiple occasions. These are things like a well-fitted suit, a nice pair of dress shoes to match, simple sneakers and a few basic t-shirts and sweatshirts. Another staple is an Oxford button down shirt which you’ll be able to wear in a wide range of situations, both casual and more formal. Swedish label Asket are introducing an Oxford shirt to their permanent collection of basic essentials, and it’s not like any you’ve owned before.Asket Oxford ShirtThe brand is pretty unique in that they don’t create seasonal collections and instead focus on a permanent line of menswear basics with an emphasis on quality materials, production and perfect fit. That means that in addition to having the normal sizes of XS – XL available, you can also narrow your choice down to three different lengths as well, giving you the option of 15 sizes in total. Asket Oxford ShirtAsket are also completely transparent about their production and costs involved in creating their garments – even going as far as releasing a video from their Portugese factories to give their customers a glimpse into the extensive process of making their new Oxford shirt. Pretty incredibly, there’s more than 50 people involved in creating each piece, with as many micro processes being performed each time.

The shirt itself is made from a heavy Oxford fabric, has mother of pearl buttons, a front left chest pocket and comes in three simple and timeless colours; white, grey and blue. Having 15 different sizes also means that every component of the shirt is tailored to each different fit – it’s the closest you’ll get to having your own custom made shirt without it actually being made individually for you.Asket Oxford ShirtAlso currently in the Asket line is a basic crew neck t-shirt and a sweatshirt. Both are made from 100% Egyptian cotton and created with the same precision and attention to detail as the Oxford shirt. In a world of fast-fashion and ever changing trends, it’s inspiring to see a brand who actually cares about making garments that will last beyond just a few wears. Even more than that, it’s great to see how transparent they are about their production costs. Each product page on their website has a breakdown of costs involved, and without things like physical shops, gratuitous swingtags and size labels, they’re able to charge way more modest prices for their clothes than what you’d expect for something of their quality.

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